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DEVit is more than just a conference. It is a community. A community of talented, self-driven developers, designers, students and entrepreneurs who share the same passion for technology. DEVit conference has been the meeting point for all these people since 2015 and every year we aim at setting the bar higher and delivering a world-class conference.

So, when we started organizing DEVit 2020, we thought that this year was not an exception. We were working hard on how to deliver even more value and knowledge to the attendees of this year’s Conference. But the current events have got us troubled and concerned too. What we are all going through right now is shockingly unprecedented and disturbing. …

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11 amazing workshops to choose from!

June 10 will be Workshops Day for DEVit 2018! There are 3 parallel workshops for morning, 3 for noon and 3 for evening. Each one costs €40, and you are able to pick 3 different ones to attend back to back. Also, we will have two full day workshops from world class experts on their field, valued at €100. Check them out below and make your picks!

Buy your workshop tickets now!

Morning Workshops

The World is our Interface, by Danielle Reid
Tags: Design, UX, Interaction design

Modern easy IoT with JS, Docker &, by Tim Perry
Tags: Javascript, IoT, Docker

Code Reviews Gone Wild, by Lauren Robinson
Tags: Code reviews, Team culture…

We proudly announce our first full-day DEVit Workshop about Xamarin and Azure 👨‍💻

Xamarin and Azure: Build the mobile apps of tomorrow

Learn more about the two Workshop speakers!

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We welcome Laurent Bugnion in #DEVitConf Workshops. Laurent works as Senior Global Azure Advocate for Microsoft. He is one of the foremost experts for XAML and C# based development and codes in Windows, WPF, Xamarin (iOS and Android), Unity, ASP.NET. He runs the popular Pluralsight reference course about the well known open source framework MVVM Light, which he wrote.

Together we can thrive

About DEVit : DEVit is a 360° Web Development Conference that takes developers out of their comfort zone and cross pollinates all arts and crafts that make today’s World Wide Web possible. DEVit 2018 takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the 9th and 10th of June. Our internationally acclaimed speakers will gladly share their knowledge and development techniques with us.

About us : We are a team of 30 volunteers. During the day we are developers, designers, marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, students. Each of us has a different role in DEVit and we love what we do. Every year is different, with new challenges and makes us improve. Last year we had more than 400 people in house, who said DEVit was awesome. …

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DEVit, as everyone knows, is a non-profit conference. Organized by the tech community at large, on their free time. Yet, DEVit as an organization is far from just a hobby… It is how, each one of us, makes an effort to move the tech industry in Greece one step further. Developers get educated and niche down to their field of expertise, founders make new deals, find new talent and get to appreciate the geek culture.

The whole ecosystem benefits from such a major organization like DEVit and in this post, we will see how each and every one of you are a part of this. …

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Registration in DEVit 2016

DEVit 2017 is already in the making. We are making a big shift this year and we are more than excited to share all the details with you! So let’s dive in, what will we see this year.

Mega Speakers

This year we are thrilled to bring speakers from all over the world! You see, the budget can set some boundaries for events, but as the conference grows so do budgets. Thus, in 2017 we will bring multiple, speakers from all over the world and of course the US. Expect the best.

Single Track

Having tested the 2-track main event format in the previous years we gained a good understanding of how it flows. The thing is that speakers were antagonizing while many attendees couldn’t choose between two talks happening the same time (damn you paradox of choice). This is not what we want. This year we switch to a single track. We want a frontend dev to watch a backend speaker and vice versa. This is what being 360 is really about and what the intention of the conference is. To cross-pollinate from different expertise and experience. …

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Moments after we opened the DEVit 2017 gates

We made it!

Originally posted from Thanos Theodoridis

My buddy Patroklos Papapetrou couldn’t cut it to the chase any better; Greece has finally made it to the software development conferences map.

In the next months, at least six big conferences are about to take place in various big cities of Greece. And how we came to this is not an event but rather a process.

First of all it appears we’ve reached the critical mass of professionals with interest in such kind of events. I know there have been conferences and symposiums for years before but these were mostly positioned towards academics. The past few years we’ve been seeing more and more conferences with talks on subjects born out of the everyday struggle in the industry. And more and more people seeing value in them. It appears the professional software developers “guild” is coming strong in a period of severe economic turbulence in the country. …

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DEVit 2016 is over!

Oh what a blast DEVit 2016 was! No matter how exhausted we were we could not stop the rush of endorphins that flooded our bodies for days after. You see, we, and by ‘we’ I’m referring to everyone that was at DEVit, managed to make a difference, we participated in making history for our community, for our country. We have successfully positioned Greece in the global landscape of international conferences, helped make DEVit a sustainable yearly conference and had such an amazing time!

We know we messed a few things up, I’ll get to them one by one in a bit, but what prevailed in the end was our amazing attitude, passion and determination to have a good time. Your amazing vibes gave us all the motivation we needed to continue with DEVit, scale it up and bring you an even more amazing experience. …

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Human wave DEVit 2015

A few words about the DEVit conference

DEVit is a 360° Web Development Conference (Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Mobile). The idea is that we want to get our attendees out of their comfort zone and cross pollinate all arts and crafts that make today’s World Wide Web possible.

This is the second year for DEVit and we aim to make it, once again, an unforgettable experience! Last year’s DEVit took place next to the sea at the awesome venue of Makedonia Palace Hotel and attracted over 350 people. It was a blast for every speaker, attendee and DEVit volunteer. We had such a great time and highly valuable pieces of knowledge were disseminated towards all directions. …


DEVit Web Conference

Whether it’s Frontend, Backend, DevOps or Mobile that you care about, join us to learn about the most modern practices and techniques. A truly 360° conference!

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