Case Studies: Creative Trends (Digital Agency)

Oct 10, 2018 · 2 min read

User Case

Digital & Marketing Agencies channeling web and mobile apps development projects through DevLess.


Creative Trends provides marketing and branding solutions to its client which include web and mobile apps development with great user experience in the shortest turn around time.


From time to time they are met with the need to provide websites and custom web apps & mobile applications to get the job done. CT wanted to avoid putting together an in-house team just to handle the apps development bit in order to keep cost at a minimum and focus on their core strengths in order to increase their earnings.


Irregular gig pipeline: CT found itself with an in-house development team that it only relies on ones in a while. This wasn’t really working for them as they had to keep paying out salaries even when they have no development gigs coming in.


Irregular gig pipeline: Outsourcing to DevLess enabled CT to avoid keeping a full-time development team as well as get back to focusing on what their core business is about marketing and branding. DevLess then leverages the freelance developers in our community to build out these products with tools and infrastructure provided by DevLess. DevLess provides a dedicated manager that makes sure these developers meet CT requirements and turn around times.


Projects Done: 6



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