GRASAG — Case Study

Oct 10, 2018 · 1 min read
Sceenshot of GRASAG Portal (

Use Case

Building high traffic platforms in the shortest possible time with less resources


Grasag is a government platform for disbursing funds to graduate students in Ghana.


Building a scalable platform capable of disbursing graduate allowance to over 600,000 students across 10 universities.


Scale is vital and primary. The government agency was in search of a solution that had stood the test of time in terms of scaling without breaking the bank. The agency wanted control over the tool, data and it’s administration in order to fall compliant to the laws and regulations of the country when it comes to citizens data.


This was something easily achievable through DevLess, based on past benchmarks and usage in similar high traffic platforms (Mkoo).


Active Daily Users: 1,345

Total Number of Users: 123,000

Monthly Infrastructure Cost: $60.00


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