Devless is in Alpha

Jun 28, 2016 · 2 min read

After intensive weeks of development work on the Devless backend framework we are ready to go into alpha testing. It will be our utmost pleasure if you could help try out the framework and let us know the bugs in there by email or Twitter @devlessio or submit a pull request for a fix or feature request. No more working on the Command-Line (CLI) rather you work with a GUI just like stacking legos to build a robot.

Please go to our official website and download your OS compatible version of the framework.

Features of the Initial Release

  • App: To manage and control tokens and admin rights to the platform
  • Services: Create new services for your application with tables, relationship, constraints and business logic in PHP.
  • Data Tables: View the data in your respective tables
  • Privacy: Set the rights for the five actions (query, create, update, delete & script) on each and every service. Private means endpoints are internal to the Devless framework, Public mean endpoints can be accessed anywhere by anyone outside the framework and Authenticated rights needs devless-user-token to authenticate before communication.
  • API Console: Run simulations on your created services and data.
  • Import & Export: You can import and export Services or Modules (Entire App) out of the base platform whiles migrating to another host provider.
  • Extension of platform: Specials are made available for developers to customize and extend the platform to suite their needs.

We are at Devless know that PHP is ubiquitous and has a huge community so we built the first version of the framework on Laravel with love to ease the developer learning curve in getting acquainted. If you know the Laravel framework, you can extend the framework easily.

NB: Please the tutorial link in there to get acquainted with framework by building A Simple Address Book.

Coming Soon

  • Developer Program: Developers can register and become Devless evangelists with benefits.
  • Marketplace: Online store for Services which developers can purchase and plug into the base framework to aid in their development.

Please do not forget to subscribe and join our slack channel to keep updated.

Thank you. Devless, develop less get much done.


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