Recap of Devless Alpha Test

Jul 21, 2016 · 3 min read

Devless is an open source Backend as a Service used to rapidly develop backend services and generate API endpoints. After months of building and in-house testing, we had our alpha test at Meltwater Entrepreneurial of School Technology last Saturday. In attendance were over 50 developers and tech enthusiasts.

The alpha test was done to check if the product meets user requirements, understand how the user feels when building on Devless, gather enough feedback to improve user experience and discover and fix bugs which could only show up when multiple people use the product.

At the start of the test, the audience were updated on the latest trends in software and educated them on why backend as a service should be patronized. They were introduced to new concepts of developments like the split of monolithic applications into segments such as the “frontend-backend”. Furthermore, the evolution of the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) which has been affected by the Everything As A Service (XaaS) trend was extensively discussed. This current trend especially Backend as a Service helps businesses scale fast, save time used in developing and induces early product launch making room for customization.

We had our hands-on session where the developers built a business directory on Devless. This was the best medium of making them familiar with the product and introducing them to all the opportunities Devless presents to them. It was a full house of developers who were ready to cooperate and see how best they could save hours of coding by using Devless.

Hence, Devless provided the backend and they went on to build on top of that by following a few steps.

Screen Shot of Business Directory built on Devless

For the developers who were present, the beauty of building on Devless has several dimensions. First is the open source factor which helps them work continuously to improve Devless, build a community around it, make is secured and fix bugs quickly. In addition to that, Devless operates on platform independence. it can be run locally and even deployed onto any cloud server or host by virtue of tastes and preference. Lastly, Devless runs in Laravel, a framework built using PHP which is a language most developers are well conversant with.

Devless is here to make you develop less and spend more time in customer acquisition and retention.

Join Devless today and build your product with ease. Send as an email on for any inquiries.

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