The day I discovered front-end and back-end technologies.

May 17, 2016 · 2 min read

For a long time, I was a sole developer in love with web development and writing code. I would do all the system integration and deploy the application. It was thrilling and I was getting paid. Yet, this routine involved writing code that did not conform to web development standards. Everything was good to go as long as it worked and the application passed a few tests.

My sole developer routines continued until one day I found myself with colleagues and a joint project with different stack backgrounds. After a little push and shove with pros and cons, we decided on one framework and began the project. One of our greatest challenges was how deep our work was coupled. In frustration, I consulted my mentor for advice on what to do and he suggested we separate the views (front-end) from the logic (back-end). So I went home, did my research on how to go about it and that was the first time I wrote API. My colleagues followed along with the views by having to consume the API I created. The integration was smooth.Then we worked parallel without having to hold each other back and this prompted some good development practices.

These gave us a lot of advantages where:

  • The back-end developer does not need to worry about having frontend entities within their code.
  • This separation prevents the back-end infrastructure from hampering the fluidity of the front-end e.g. ajax and smooth transitions.
  • Now the flow and view customers are used to do not need to change in the case the back-end is rebuilt.
  • It introduces parallelism in the development cycle. Now back-end and front-end developers can get down to work without having to wait on each other’s implementation.
  • Code base management becomes much better on each side

In a nutshell, the Separation Of Concern in modern web development is a far better option than cramming everything into one giant monolithic application.

For this and many reasons we began development on Devless a back-end as easy as a plug and play application where all the work you do on the back-end is taken care of by stitching piece of reusable APIs together to get your back-end up and running for you to concentrate on the front-end or mobile development.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to learn more about modern web development or follow up on the development of Devless. Visit us on to signup and seamlessly develop your web or mobile applications with ease and reliability.

Check it out at and let’s us know your thoughts. Submit your email to get notified when we launch.

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