Apr 29, 2016 · 2 min read

There is a better way to offer Backend as a Service. What do you think ?

My team and I are working on an open-source backend as a service framework for all major frameworks called Devless.

Backend as a service is rapidly growing and multi-stakeholder market opportunity. Parse’s recent closure has led to countless customer complaints and blog posts exposing vendor lock-in and minimal customization options for the current BaaS platforms available to developers.

At Devless we conceived the concept of an open-source framework with BaaS features (Rest-endpoints generation, user management, business logic sandbox, Documentation, DB adaptors, Email) shipped as a package or a gem which a developer can plug and play into their existing projects and take full advantage of Devless. The concept is similar to Spark (laravel), with our base framework providing modules in the form of plug-ins to ease and expedite development which is our core value.

With the ability to export your application logic and data you are able to distribute your app to anyone with a Devless install irrespective of it being a Rails or Laravel install for example. With the ability to write your logic in javascript you would be able to port your applications from a rails Devless install to say a laravel Devless install without having to do much changes. These capabilities of the Devless framework prevent vendor lock-ins and gives the developer lots of customization options to mould the backend to their preference.

We have also considered allowing Developers to write code native to their install say ruby or php but the caveat to that is the inability to port.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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