Accelerometer Technology

We’re a lot more than your average toothbrush game!

Brushies technology appears to be a great way to help make sure your child is practicing dental hygiene. As many parents will know, sometimes the problem isn’t getting their child to brush as much as it is getting their child to brush right. Brushing right involves intricate movements that many children fail to do when left to their own devices. This makes the concept of Brushies almost too good to be true for tired parents with stubborn brushers. Can Brushies really ensure that your child is properly brushing their teeth though? Can Brushies really distinguish effective brushing technique from indiscriminately scrubbing?

To try to understand the more complex explanation for accelerometer technology, imagine that this attachment is like a more advanced pedometer that tracks how many steps you take. The “up and down” accelerated movement of taking steps will cause mechanisms to move in a particular manner. Every time you take a step, and subsequently cause the inner mechanisms to move, you indicate to the pedometer that you have taken a step and it records accordingly. While there are a variety of ways these accelerometers are manufactured, nowadays they are typically made by using Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). MEMS contain microscopic structures that have small pieces that move with gravity according to the orientation of your device. As the small pieces move, MEMS are able to convert these microscopic movements into electrical signals to allow the accelerometer to change this data so smart devices can process the information. MEMS work along a variety of axis allowing it to measure accretion in multiple directions and are highly sensitive. This is actually the same thing that allows your phone to act as a compass, use motion controls, and even detect the orientation at which you are holding your phone. This is the advanced technology that is used in the cute Brushie character.

So in a short answer, yes. Brushies are more than capable at monitoring these movements because they are so much more than a just phone app and toy. By utilizing this advanced technology, it is able to cleverly use a smartphone’s already existing hardware to revolutionize how you ensure your child is practicing good brushing habits. Brushies incorporates an accelerometer into the cute Bluetooth accessory that attaches right onto your child’s toothbrush. This technology is then able to allow your smart device to sense subtle movement. In other words, as your child tilts their brush and scrubs in a particular manner, it is all detected and recorded via the character attachment.

Using this accelerometer technology, Brushies are able to track your child’s brushing patterns. This allows the app to both help you monitor your child’s dental hygiene as well as give the child feedback on their brushing through virtual rewards and an engaging app. Children will learn how to brush their teeth much like they have learned how to control other games on their smart phone. Instead of just learning how to maneuver controls for a high score, they will additionally be learning how to use proper brushing techniques!

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