All About Brushies

We are the future of brushing!

Brushing can be a hassle for parents of kids of all ages. Many children are reluctant to brush, adding just another level of difficulty to every morning and nightly routine. Most parents will find that their children do eventually grow out of this, it is just a long and hard waiting game. If only there was some way that you could get your children to get excited about brushing all on their own. Luckily, now there is!

Brushies are a revolutionary new technology that will revolutionize the way that your children learn to brush. To a child, Brushies are less of an educational tool and more of a fun toy and game. Most parents can agree that children are much more receptive to these types of teaching tools. Everything about the game and attachment closely resemble all the fun and popular things they love and obsess over already.

Your child gets his or her own Brushies waterproof figure attachment. This figure is very reminiscent of some popular toys such as Polly Pockets, or more recently, Shopkins toys. These cute and loveable figures will attach right onto their toothbrush. These attachments add another means for your child to customize their brushing experience. In addition to the upgrading the aesthetics of their brush, they are actually the platform in which the technology monitors and records their performance.

These cute little figures are much more than some soft, mini toys. They are actually a very complex piece of technology that can track very subtle movements. This is very important because this means in order for your child to “positively activate” the device, they must actually be brushing. They can’t just turn it on or brush randomly to win, rather these subtle movements are converted into readable data that evaluate your child’s brushing techniques. When you say it like that, it may sound as though it is complicated for a child to be able to benefit from. Luckily, not even you have to worry about being to understand that raw data.

Brushies connect via Bluetooth to your smart phone. All movements are recorded an evaluated through a fun and user friendly app. For children, the app appears to be like any other fun phone game. Bright colors, fun characters, and realistic challenges make the game engaging for children. The underlying educational components of it means that parents will love it too! Your children will earn online achievements and points that will encourage and reward proper brushing techniques. Soon, you will find that you children look forward to brushing and you will find your mornings and evenings a bit more relaxing. Parents can even continue to be with their children while they brush -only behind the scenes where you can view your child’s recorded progress.

This new technology may seem too good to be true. What’s the catch, you may ask? There is none! This technology was invented by parents with parents and their children in mind. Just check out our site and give Brushies a chance!


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