Maybe later in life

the timing will be right

And everything will fall into place

You’ll see my face

and you’ll know by then

It was supposed to be me…

Or not.

I won’t be mad or fearfully sad

Because you failed to see all I’m worth.

Since birth it’s been here

All this gold I behold

Just needed a good polish

But no,

You chose to demolish

a good thing.

You had it within your hand

And understand, you had me

Clenched so tight

Despite my intuition

Screaming, double teaming

I was still all yours

And then I wasn’t.

It sucked so bad I couldn’t breathe

I couldn’t leave but I had to

It’s so true I didn’t believe

I mean, how could you?

Cheat on me

Then you completely

Lied to my face.

Now I’m in this space

Outlined you can trace

Right there where my body laid

As I fade into this calm,

Mellow sweet still

Do what you will

And I’ll find a way.

A second chance?

You would dance

All over me and say you’re sorry

Once again

Just like a man

Who didn’t mean to

Or I could abuse you

And pull the strings

Get plenty of brand new things

But that wouldn’t feel good.

I mean, it would for just a beat

Because revenge is so sweet

But I retreat back to my morals

And although the florals are nice

I can’t let you pay that price

Even though I had to pay

And it was expensive indeed

Inside I would bleed

But only for a little while

I’d grab ahold of a towel

and wipe my eyes

Look directly at all the lies

And the tries to cover them up

Then I’d walk right pass you

Never to go back.

But I mean what about

Later in life

When you’re finally ready

For a wife

And it seems that I’m the answer

To all your dreams

After you’ve tested every girl

On every team

But I’m the winner

And you want me to forgive

The fact that you’re a Sinner

So you can take me out to dinner

to rekindle the flame

Though things can never be the same

You want me to try it anyway

Because today’s a brand new day

And you’ve changed

You’ve rearranged just for me

But now it’s so mundane

And I don’t want it.

So you can just stop right there

Take a gulp of fresh air

Because what I’m about to say might sting

A little bit

See the thing about it is

I’m too in love with myself

To give up all this wealth

For someone who doesn’t even know my worth

And though you may know it now

I don’t know how

To go back to loving me any less

Just to relieve your stress

Because of this ugly mess that you made.

I’m afraid that’s something I cannot do,

Being with you

Because later on in life

No matter how nice,

it won’t ever be the same.