I am not a musician

A creator of rhymes and lines

I don’t have bars and things

Ready to spit out 16

Not lyrically mean, not rolling in green

I just words that are spoken

Written down and provoked

And… usually unseen by anybody.

Unseen like the secret plots

Conjured up by politicians

Plans to scheme the regime

And powerfully coax heads,

With trickery and lies

Which pleasingly flies

Right over our mind’s sight.

Or unseen like the mayor

Poisoning all of Flint

Placing stint on necessity

Jacking up the rent

Higher than life even costs

Higher than the number of black men

That we’ve lost

What a shame.

Even more unseen than

Black Lives that Matter

Though we scream louder, prouder

Ready to fight

I guess that’s why that’s their excuse

“I was in terrible fright”

But what are you really afraid of?

Unseen like the fear hiding

Behind all the rage

Distrust is clearly beyond this day in age

But absolutely no one knows what to do.

What’s really unseen are the stories

That are true

Buried underneath the fluff and bullshit

Spewing out of Fox 2

Black criminal this and that

The culprit must be you

And you too, by the way

You all look the same

I’ll blame game play you all

Now smile for the frame.

Hashtag my nigga

Hashtag my bitch

Insta fame for all the homies

Gang gang gang gang ever since.

I know ya’ll feel me

You all know what I mean

So whether I spit these words in verses

Or they go unseen,

This is the world we live

Doesn’t it sound so sad?

But don’t mind me

I’m just another black woman

With a melting heart

But to you, I’m just mad.

Jan 27, 2016