Andela BootCamp 5 — Day one

My arrival time at bootcamp was 8am.I was super excited to finally make it to Andela.We started the day with breakfast and then headed to the field for some morning exercises joinde by the previous class Andela fellows before heading back to the classroom.It was fun.


  1. I learnt about python basics(python syntax,and constructs).
  2. Lifecycle/Stages in Software Craftsmanship(Apprentice-Journeyman-Master)
  3. I learnt of this cool platform for blogging called Medium,apparently which am now using.
  4. Last but not least.I got to know who and what is Andela as well as their mission and the Andela culture and true to it i felt completely at home.


Well,everything was fantastic,The only recommendation that i would make is that the bootcamp class be provided with LAN ports on both sides of the classroom.