Andela Bootcamp 5 — Day Two

I started this day on a high note.I arrived on time.The day was sure going to be fun filled and exciting.I was looking forward to learning new things which i did.

We started the day with breakfast then went out to the field for the daily morning exercises as usual joined by the previous class IV Andela fellows.This time round we did a different kind of exercise.Can’t recall the exact name of the game,but believe me you it was challenging and exciting,kind like brainstorming.We had grouped ourselves into groups of threes,each taking an alphabet A,B,C.All the As had to group together,the B’s and the C’s like so.We then concluded the exercise with the Andela slogan.”TIA”-This is Andela,and indeed it was.You gotta love the Andela culture.:-)

Back at the classroom my fellow classmates aka ‘bootcampers’ were all smiley and ready to kick start of the day on a high note.(of course This Is Andela).We started with presentations on the Food For Thought given to us by our trainer the previous day- “How To Share Code”.Each one of us had a different and excellent approach to the question.But what stood out was the git versioning system.

The morning class ended at 1.05pm.Today we were actually late by five minutes and looking from our faces u could tell we were in the mood for some munches.The food was awesome.You gotta see to believe.

In the Afternoon sessions we learnt and did some hands on labs on git and github.By the end of the session everyone had a github account and a repository and could work our way through the terminal using git commands like charm.

We ended the day with our Food For Thought For the day which was to be discussed tomorrow in class.”How Do We Make Sure Our Code Works?”

What a day.Whooooaa!!Awesome.


Nothing to add.It was just another awesome fun filled day at Andela.