What I think about the iPhone 12!

Apple’s main iPhone for this year is going to be called the iPhone 12. Apple is in the final stages of prototyping and it is looking like the iPhone will have a new Lidar sensor. Seeing the look of it I think this iPhone looks ugly. People were already making memes when iPhone had released the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max models, talking about the three cameras at the back. The iPhone 12 might have a box design like the old iPhone 4. According to John Prossar Apple is very close to the finalisation of the iPhone 12 line up. Now the iPhone 12 might be a 5.4” model or a 6.1” inch and the iPhone 12 pro would be also be rumoured to be a 6.1” inch and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be a mammoth 6.7” inch model. The iPhone 12 will be made of aluminium body and will have 2 cameras and will have 5G support whereas the Pro models will be made of stainless steel body with a small notch, 3 cameras + lidar and 5G support. This means only the higher range models which are the 6.1”/ 6.7” inch models will have the Lidar sensor and three cameras. All of the top range models will have the A14 chip as well. There is speculation that apple would keep the “Boxy” design only for the iPhone 12 Pro models only.

With the “Boxy” logo it would be very easy to differentiate the Pro models and the standard 12 models. John Prossar also mentioned that because Apple is done with the prototyping they are only 2 months behind of the release which means we might be seeing the release during October/November month. Since Apple is also releasing the so called “ IPhone SE” which could have the same look as the iPhone 8, then the iPhone SE would look incredible and also amazing looking at the price. Wallpaper has been an important part when it comes to being it on the iPhone’s or the MacBooks or even the iMac. For IOS 14 they are starting new wallpaper collection. There also won’t be a major change to the home screen this year. Regarding the status of the Apple stores, Apple stores are going to remained close until early may and that is what Apple is tentatively planning. So looking at what Apple is going to do with the higher end iPhone models is good but not for the price in this current market. The price still hasn’t been released yet for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro models but we know when it comes to the high end models Apple always makes them quite expensive for the mass. According to me if people are planning to change their phones this year or maybe shift from an Android to an Apple or upgrading your iPhone I honestly feel that people should go for the new iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is affordable, could have a glossy look and customers will be happy. Although there will be Apple savy people who will go all out and spend on the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro models this year, I say it’s quite not the right thing to do and wait for next year as there will be many more developments from Apple in that time.

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