New version of whitepaper is out!

First I must announce that due to our new agreement with Tokenly, inc. Dabs no longer acting as an escrow in our crowdsale.

Second, we have new stretch goals - $3M and $6M. If we reach $3M, we will make a game portal with services, like auction and
escrow for trading items and Battleground MMO in fantasy world(similar to World of Tanks.Or BG in WoW, but bigger).

If we reach $6M... let me just quote our whitepaper:

Did you ever dream about MMO with player driven crypto-based economy?
Just imagine this for a second.
A miner, that is mining all kinds of metals, and selling it in game to the buyers for the
actual crypto tokens, that he can withdraw and sell on cryptocurrency exchange.
A blacksmith bought those metals from him and crafted a sword, that he is going to sell
in his shop or withdraw from game and sell on the internet auction to the highest bidder
for MEG. Then he buys himself a new set of tools.
An adventurer, that bought this sword, taken a quest from a board in the village, that was
written by the npc, or an actual person, and went to explore ancient ruins for rare
ingredients, or to free a certain area from the monster occupation, and receiving MEG as
a reward. Or he can just buy the token on exchange and build himself a new home, using
materials he purchased in different places.
Even the land and house rights can be sold to someone in game, or withdrawn and sold
on outside auction.
We can have houses, keeps, player factions and wars between them, all while having
MEG as a currency, that is actually worth something outside the game and you can buy
or sell it on exchange.
As an added bonus, you can use this currency in all other games, ours or not, that will
accept it.
This could become reality if we reach our final goal!

As it says, we are going to make a full-blown MMO with economy that is based on our MEG token!