3 ways to make an engineer’s life better, as a designer
Andrew Chraniotis

“Create Exhaustive Deliverables…”

I’d have to disagree with this — if anything, we need to deliver *less* to developers, not more. There’s a saying: “The only deliverable is the software.” Developers almost never read exhaustive documents — I once worked for an agency that created style guides and specs that were hundreds of pages long. When we went to the developer to ask them what they found most valuable, they said the same thing “just the designs — the documentation is too hard to read.”

To transfer intent and knowledge, I strongly prefer dialogue and pairing with my developers, rather than over documentation. This is where we also tend to find interesting solutions to unforeseen problems.

Over documentation also tends to be too prescriptive to a developer, and in many ways tries to do their job for them.

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