If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Given the choice between a vicious authoritarian state that’s a virtual certainty if we don’t stop Trump and the economic battle of a general strike, I pick the general strike, because in the end, that will lead to a better world as we automate food production, and hey, at least then, agriculture workers can go back to work without fear of deportation.

There is not a pretty way out of this. The underlying ideology sitting behind this is fundamentally southern and confederate. An utter disregard for anything other then one party rule. If we don’t defeat them, we only have a horrific nightmare in front of us. If we do, we face some sort of collapse. Neither choice is great, but I would rather not live in the horrific authoritarian nightmare Bannon is constructing for us, pretty much regardless of the consequences.

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