Is Technology Really Taking Over Humanity?

Technology is the new dependent resource for so many people today. Those who use mobile devices and other technological resources cannot live without the easy access to the internet or communication. Technology is a life-line nowadays and it cannot be replaced or substituted.

Today the world is so dependent on technology and would not be able to function without it. So many industries and businesses rely on the advancement of technology to obtain business. “Is Technology Making Us Less Human?” by Andrea Kuszewski states technology has taken over humanity and humans are starting to lose the moral value of simply being a human. Kuszewski mentions technology has replaced the human brain due to the convenient accessibility of looking for an answer online or using technology to get the job done where our brain is hardly being used. Everything such as communication, researching, or homework is a lot easier for individuals. No one wants to work harder than they already have to so they depend on technology for help. “Your brain is like a muscle. If you stop using your cognitive skills and instead rely on technology to do all of your thinking for you, in time, those skills will start to atrophy.” Here, Kuszewski argues humans are losing their naturalistic value of being a human.

Yes technology has drawn excessive attention from humans but is that really a bad thing? “Why Technology Is Necessary to Our Survival” by Emma Wooten, argues technology is not necessarily bad for humans. She mentions technology has benefitted so many businesses, medical fields, and other corporations. Technology has helped in a critical circumstances such as saving an individual’s life. Wooten explains how technology has found cures for diseases and other life-threatening incidents. Technology is a key factor for communication. Wooten states with technology, communication is a lot more beneficial for those who are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. “Without the opportunity to connect with her year-round, I would not be nearly as close with her as I am.” Wooten mentions in her article, without technological communication, she would not be able to connect with her family or friends.

Both arguments have a solid argument why technology is taking over the human nature and the moral value of being human when another argument states technology is the key for the world to go round which humans cannot live without. “When we over-rely on technology to do our thinking for us, not only are our cognitive skills losing their edge, but our creativity can suffer as well.” Here Kuszewski explains a bit why technology should not be a reliable and dependable resource to replace our humanistic abilities for the answers. I do agree technology is a main substitute for hard work in some cases but I disagree with Kuszewski’s argument. Technology is not taking over humanity. Yes, all humans rely on technology and we do lose a little amount of manual abilities for information, but with innovation, humans do need to know how to function the latest technology which exercises the brain in many ways, such as critical thinking. Perhaps, humans use computers to gather business or save someone’s life. A human must know how to function the innovation to succeed.

However, I do agree with Wooten’s argument which is technology is the new way of life. Technology is the simply the most convenient and the safest way for humans to get the job done. Technology is the way of life to communicate, work, and entertain. Without it, humans and the rest of the world would vanish. Humans use technology for all sorts of reasons. Yes, people do use the technology excessively, but it does not mean they are losing humanistic abilities. Humans are still smart and if not smarter because of technology. Humans use technology every minute of the day. “A less obvious and more personal reason that technology is so important is communication and documentation.” Wooten mentions technology is a way to capture her experiences of her life by saving them with a camera or other technological advancements.

Clearly, technology is the most efficient innovation the world has occupied. Without technology, humanity would struggle the the latest creations and developments. Technology does require human skills and new learnings to function.

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