Andra Day and Ellie Goulding, a Match Made in Heaven

Overall the performances during the Grammy’s were all spectacular. From Taylor Swift, to the tribute to Lionel Richie, the powerful voices were not lacking. It was interesting to hear and watch a performance from the new hit Broadway show Hamilton and also to hear Johnny Depp’s new band the Hollywood Vampires. Justin Bieber performed and was a little underwhelming for myself. Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie was interesting and I think many people did not know whether they loved it or were a little confused. Not knowing that much about David Bowie and his performance style I was a little confused, but my friends thought differently. I also especially enjoyed Kendrick Lamar’s performance, which contributed some life into the show. Another part of the Grammy’s that I was not particularly fond of was the duet between Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt. While on their own the two both have amazing and powerful voices, together, it just didn’t work out for me. Their stance was awkward and it didn’t look like they had that much chemistry. I enjoyed a different duet much better and it happened to be the performance that struck me the most, as well as enjoyed the most I think, was by Andra Day and Ellie Goulding.

These two powerful voices stand great on their own but had an even bigger impact together. At first I thought that Andra Day was Rhianna, before the lights came on and I could see her face clearly, I mean she still resembles Rhianna. I don’t think I knew who Andra Day was before this performance and am happy that I do now because she has such an amazing voice. I think she is someone I could listen to if I was in the mood to belt out some emotional ballads or pretend that I was as talented as her while singing in the shower. Andra Day started off with her hit “Rise Up”, which was soulful and slow. This song although unfamiliar to me, felt warm and inviting. Her voice sounds like velvet as she sings. The lyrics to this are extremely powerful as well and you can even hear the emotion in her voice. The notes that she hits in this song are beautifully high and peaceful in a way.

When Ellie Goulding arrives on the stage, my fingers were crossed for my favorite song of hers, and to my excitement it was! She performed “Love Me Like You Do”, which is definitely a favorite of many people, (especially because it came from Fifty Shades of Grey). Initially my thoughts were that I loved her outfit and thought she looked stunning. I then was so pleased to hear that her voice live sounds just as amazing as her voice after it has been recorded. Not many artists have this ability sadly. The song is slow and soft but also powerful during certain parts, which really accentuates her voice nicely. When listening to the lyrics in this song it reminds me of passion and excitement, it is not sad it’s just warming and evokes the feeling of love. Further into the song Andra Day joins Ellie Goulding during the chorus and their voices perfectly harmonize each other’s. The chorus starts slow then builds to the: “what are you waiting for”, which is definitely a belt out and the notes were hit with such ease to these ladies. The more and more I listen, the better and better these two compliment each other with their voices. I was definitely engaged in this performance, let alone the two looked beautiful in their outfits as well.

I think what made this performance the best out of all the others, for me personally, was that there was no bullshit with their voices. There was no trickery; we knew that we were going to get a solid performance out of these two singers because they sounded almost even better live than they do on their recorded records. I remember getting chills every time one of the two hit a particularly high note well or when their voices sounded perfectly in harmony. The voices seemed so pure with little music in the background as to not drown out the purity of the sound. They did not need some excess backup dancers or flashy background lights to make this a better performance. Just their voices alone were enough to captivate the audience there as well as watching it at home.

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