📦 Parcel v1.6.0: Zero Config ES6+ and JSX, Node and Electron Targets, Bundle Statistics, and more! 🚀

  • 🐠 Zero config ES6+ transpilation with Babel — It’s now even easier to get your projects started with even less configuration: .babelrc is now optional! Parcel automatically compiles ES6+ (including node_modules!) for you using babel-preset-env, and you can easily override the default browser targets by specifying a browserslist key in your package.json.
  • ⚛️ Automatic JSX support for React and Preact — JSX support is now also completely automatic! If you’re writing React or Preact apps, you no longer need a .babelrc file to get started. Parcel automatically detects that you’re using React or Preact and enables JSX for you. 👌
  • 🌐 Node and Electron targets — Parcel now supports bundling for Node and Electron apps. Features that these environments have natively like fs inlining are disabled, and node_modules are not bundled.
  • 📊 Production bundle statistics — Parcel now reports individual bundle sizes and compile times when you build for production. Optionally, you can view a more detailed report with a breakdown of the largest files in each bundle to help you optimize!
  • 6️⃣ Node 6 support — Parcel now runs on Node 6. If you’re not already running the latest and greatest Node version, Parcel will now work for you.
  • W3C WebManifest support — important for Progressive Web Apps, Parcel now parses .webmanifest files linked to from your HTML files and processes dependencies such as homescreen icons, and service workers.
  • 👌 Many bugfixes and improvements!

Zero Config Babel Transpilation

Automatic JSX support for React and Preact

Node and Electron Targets

  1. Dependencies that are not relative (such as import express from 'express';) are assumed to be from node_modules and are left as is. Relative dependencies, such as import car from './car'are still bundled.
  2. fs.readFileSync is left as is.
  3. Globals such as Buffer or __dirname are left as is.
  4. Hot Module Loading runtime is not added (for --target=node).

Production Bundle Statistics

Try it out!




Full stack JavaScripter. Blogger at @badass_js. Audio hacker @audiocogs. Engineer @storify & @livefyre.

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Full stack JavaScripter. Blogger at @badass_js. Audio hacker @audiocogs. Engineer @storify & @livefyre.

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