Juhi Pande City Story

It’s hard to know what to think about a brand new project that’s never been done before. Juhi’s City story is something I’ve not experienced before. Similar to Humans of New York the website strives to encapsulate a moment in time and place, connecting people with locations. It’s not exactly a newspaper, it’s not exactly a blog, it’s a new and interesting way to interact with the world around us and the people in it.

I’m an avid listener to podcasts, and that brief moment when you get to experience the sounds and voices of other places always manages to sweep me up. I’m not sure I feel it with City Stories. The photographs were great, but they seem not to be the focus of the project. The stories told are what connects the location to the person, in my internship class we talked about social media and how to use it in a professional setting. The digital social media expert (Pheobe Lebrecht) that came to talk to us said that video is the only way to engage people scrolling through a feed on social media anymore.

I really respect Juhi’s goal to bring back writing, I love reading. But not on the computer. The distraction of the internet as a whole *cough* buzzfeed *cough* would pull away the intimate connection Juhi want’s to create with her readers.

If she wants to create that connection to readers who enjoy written media I’m not sure digital is the way to do it. Or maybe not a website, an app that connects users and helps them explore content might be the way to go with this idea in my opinion. I’m not sure how well having such closely curated content will fair, peoples connections’ with places are something very personal, that they would want to share with others. Opening up her platform to people who want to tell their own stories might be the best way to connect with a broader range of readers.

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