My opinion in like an onion in that it is comprised of overlapping layers. Gray layers of sulfuric, biting opinions. My opinion is also like a singular onion in that there are a billion (at least, I’m sure) other onions which matter equally as much as it does.

I think it’s about time to stop compulsively relying on view counts and statistics; to stop writing top however-many lists; to stop being lazy and uncreative. Stop catering-to. It’s time to write to let mind-blood. Dig deep, if you have to, to be authentic. What is success? Individually defined.

I believe to be under the influence is vitally important. Whatever may influence you, may not particularly influence me. However, to be influenced is to be driven in one direction or another. Influences vary among individuals (money, sex, drugs, objects, feelings, other people, etc.). We draw from our influences, whatever they may be, as we try to construct and configure ourselves. The imprints of our influences can seem at times to ourselves and to others to bleed through. We recognize and strive to differentiate ourselves from our influences- to become unique. To virtually vomit out effortless ‘top-ten’ lists aimed at attention-deficient perusers is to be operated by fear- and nothing less; to agree to being a drop in a sea of the mundane.

You and I are so powerfully lucky to be living, breathing, pulsing, moving, shifting, shaking naked meat machines- capable of constructing anything to be imagined. If your goal is to be the best top-5 list writer on the face of the planet- that is your prerogative and you should pursue your goal. As for me, I think it’s truly too easy to be boring. I resist temptation.