Who can remember …

What was it like before what you learned, ruined the thing you loved? Before you could see the matrix. I apologize, I rewatched The Matrix the other night.

I took two film classes in college. For a while, it ruined movies for me. Suddenly I could identify miscasting. Bad lines. Bad line readings. Camera angles. Filter choices.

My brother was my roommate in college. He majored in film. One project he did-I will never forget. He set up a card table and chair in front of the television and watched Out of Sight. Over, and over, and over. The movie is ruined. Nobody is watching that again.

Fam had a conversation in the car the other day. Every time my sister-in-law saw a sign, did she think about work? I stared out the car window and thought. There are so many signs! How can she stand it?

Unless I’m camping, I use the internets every day. I definitely still love it and it doesn’t remind me of “work”. Yeah, I know, I don’t technically have a job yet, but you know what I mean. The coding bootcamp was HARD! One of my goals was to not get burned out. But I digress… Unless the design is REALLY good or REALLY bad, the website is simply a tool to get my stuff done. The internets has all of those things I love! Even though I can see the matrix now, I still enjoy coding. How long will this last?

Stuff I like (in alphabetical order): 
The Internets!