They are all ‘forced’ to be handmaids.

Yes, but handmaids are forced to wear dresses, potentially carry children, and so far all have been referred to as women. Men and non-binary people can also wear dresses and carry children, but overall being a handmaid is a very gendered space that would feel even more oppressive to someone who does not identify as a woman — not that anyone’s having a great time being oppressed even while identifying as a woman. Essentially, it’s similar to how Ofglen and Offred are both oppressed, but Ofglen has an extra layer of oppression due to her sexual identity. Again, I don’t know how helpful this is since I think you’re reading the sentence differently— rape is not “okay” for women to experience. It is simply an extra trauma to be seen as a woman when you’re not, and to then to experience oppression and sexual violence on top of that. Maybe you don’t see being a handmaid as being viewed as a woman? My take of the show is that handmaids are so gendered as women, and so to not fit into that gender identity would be additionally traumatizing.

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