“Ending On ‘Somewhat’ Good Terms”

Written by: Devon Natasha Roberts

Before I write this, I would like to say that the characters in here are fictional and should not be copied for any reason. The story in this book and these names should not be used in any way, shape, or form. Thank you very much for your consideration.

I would first like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this gift of writing to me and waking me up to face each day with it. I feel so elated to have a precious gift such as this and God, I would like you to please grant me strength and determination to believe in You and that You are always in my presence, also knowing that You are always around me and that You are also there for me in times of joy and sorrow; laughter and the pain. Thanks be to You, oh, Lord.

I would also like to thank as well as dedicate this to my father Wilbert Roberts, who finds the times to work on poems and also different chapters as well and I love from the bottom of my heart because of the traumatic issue that I have to deal with the rest of my life; as long as You, Lord, are with me for the rest of my days. God, I love you very much just as much as I love my Earthly father because he’s the only parent that I have left since the passing of ‘mom’ years ago. R.I.P mom… Though I love you still, and also cry for you when I really think about losing you, I have to move forward with my life. I’m sorry, ‘mom’.

Characters Are: Elizabeth, Crystal, Lucinda, Cheyenne, Christine, Jewel, Piper, Carly, and Amy (nine of Devon’s friends)

Chapter One

“Will she be ok?” Lucinda asked worriedly to Dr. Louis after she got up from the chair she was sitting in at the hospital.

“She’s going to make it. She’s got a slight concussion, but she’s slowly coming out of it. Give it some time. Devon will come around, I promise.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Lucinda replied as she shook Dr. Louis’ hand.

“Can I go see her?”

“Sure, go ahead.” When Lucinda stepped into the ICU room, tears started to flow from her blue eyes when she took a look at me lying motionlessly on the hospital bed. I was involved in a car crash and I barely survived. Just then, Jewel came to the ICU room to see me hurriedly and when the door closed behind her, she too had her eyes filled with tears. They had no idea that Devon’s boyfriend Dylan was sitting in the waiting room; anxiously awaiting the news of his girlfriend. Back in the ICU room where Jewel & Lucinda were in, Lucinda said sadly when she looked at me while I still had both of my eyes closed,

“Um,… Listen… Devon… I love you so much and I’m sorry that I ever left you and the rest of the girls … I mean, I was selfish and I feel really stupid for leaving you.” When she took my hand and gently rubbed it, she continued saying, “I will never go away from you again, ok? Please believe me… and that’s a promise.” Suddenly, Lucinda felt my fingers taking hers and with a ray of hope, her eyes watched carefully as I opened up mine.

Ending of Chapter One

Beginning of Chapter Two

“Devon! You came to! I’m so glad you finally came around!” Lucinda almost shrieked when she saw my eyes open up.

“Yeah, thanks.” I replied weakly.

“I’m so sorry that I left and I’m pretty sure that our other girls friends are as well.”

“Um hmm.” I murmured and then said again; weakly, “I don’t care if they are gone though. They’ve gone their separate ways. I’m glad you’re here, Lucinda and you, too Jewel.”

“Thanks, Dev.” Just then, Elizabeth Fowler; {another friend of mine that I had no idea of what happened with her…}came into the ICU room at the hospital and said; almost in astonishment,

“Oh, Dev… I’m sorry you’re hurt and I am sorry for what I put you with William.” At that moment when she said that comment, both Jewel and Lucinda shushed up her mouth by having their index fingers on their mouths and each of their gave her a look of annoyance.

“I want you leave this room now, Elizabeth.” I said, almost driven to tears. See, William and I met over the computer and he wouldn’t listen to what my friends said (even my mom) said to him; that I couldn’t go with him to Arizona. Elizabeth figured that I didn’t want William anymore, so it was him that decided to go behind my back and cheat on me with her… Which I had absolutely no idea that the both of them would do that to me. Suddenly, Dylan, who was my current boyfriend, came into the room with balloons that had positive words written on them and red roses, asked me almost shyly,

“Dev, are you alright?”

“Sure.” I replied in a croak while I saw my boyfriend place them on the table next to the hospital bed.

“Would you like me to leave?” Elizabeth asked, her voice drawled into sarcasm.

“Yes… NOW.” Both Jewel and Lucinda said in unison. After that, Lucinda, Jewel and Dylan kept me talking; (although I was still feeling weak) seeing if I was fine from the car crash I was involved in, the nurse came into the room and showed the three of them out after Elizabeth left so I could turn in for the night until the next day.

Ending of Chapter Two

Beginning of Chapter Three

For me, all I wanted to do for the day was to leave and enjoy a good time with my two best friends. I don’t know how Elizabeth got wind of the news that I was in the hospital and that I had a concussion. Maybe it was because she felt sorry for me and wanted to be there for me, especially since William wasn’t there for her anyhow. After feeding myself with positive healthy hospital food for breakfast, my mom and dad came to see me. I smiled when I saw them both and they were relieved to see that I was alive and “kicking” and wasn’t hurt as bad as I could have been in the crash.

“How are you feeling, honey?” Mom asked.

“I’m fine.”

“That’s great because the doctor who was seeing you said that you could spend another night here & then you will be released tomorrow, ok?” Dad said after mom asked me how I was doing.

“Great.” I replied with a smile. Both of my parents stayed with me for a while before they finally left and then, Jewel, Dylan and Lucinda came to see me. I then told them that I would be able to leave the next day if they felt that I as feeling fine once they checked up on me. As I was still at the hospital with my two best friends and my current boyfriend, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that Elizabeth had the nerve to come to see me and tell me about my ex-boyfriend William when I was still not feeling well as yet. I decided to push that negativity aside and paid full attention to what I already had in my life. Finally, once Lucinda and Jewel left a couple of hours later, it was just Dylan and I alone in the ICU room together.

“I’m really sorry that all this happened to you. I should have been there for you. I just feel that somehow I’m to blame.” Dylan said to me as he gently took his left hand and caressed his fingers on my left cheek as he stared at me in concentration with his beautiful green eyes.

“No, honey, you’re not to blame. It’s not your fault. You weren’t there. Things happen.”

“I love you so much, Devon and I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always be there for you… And that’s a promise that I will keep.” Dylan replied as he leaned forward to face and kissed me on my lips as he was sitting on the hospital bed with me.

“I can’t believe what Elizabeth did yesterday, though .” I said to my boyfriend, almost in an anger, but in a stern of voice. “She had the audacity to come into the room and tell me about William. I had already moved on about that and I think she must have wanted to do that out of spite.”

“You’re probably right about that, sweetheart.” Dylan replied, but then added with a hopeful smile on his expression, “Don’t worry about her, Dev. You never know… Maybe she’s starting to feel jealous of you or even upset about the fact that you DID survive the crash… You don’t know how she feels about you now because I think in my opinion, she doesn’t want to see you happy…Ok?”

“You got it.” I replied to Dylan as he leaned his face to mine again to kiss me once more.

“I’ve got something for you.” Dylan said to me as he got off from the bed beside me and then headed over to the small nightstand that they had in the room. Once he opened it, and pulled out what he had for me, he closed the drawer and quietly headed over to where I was, still lying down on the hospital bed. After sitting next to me again, he gave me a small velvet felt box.

“What is it?”

“Open and see.” When I opened it, and I saw what it was, my heart seemed to melt emotionally as I let out a small gasp. I saw that it was a diamond ring that had small hearts close together. As I pulled it out slowly from the box, I realized that there was an inscription on the inside of it that read, “I give all my adoration to you. I love you very much.-Your beau, Dylan.” Once I slipped it on my right middle finger because he had already explained briefly that it wasn’t an engagement ring, but a promise one instead… at least not yet anyway. I asked as I noticed the ring shine in different colors as I turned it each way,

“ It’s beautiful, Dylan, but how did you get this?”

“That’s my secret.”

“Tell me, would you please?”

“Nope…” Dylan replied with a sly look on his expression.

“Oh, come on… Please?”

“Nuh uh-uh…”

“All right, all right… I’ll let you keep it to yourself.” In response to what I said while I smiled him and I smiled at the same time, he chuckled and replied as he again used his hand to brush my face with his fingers, “Ok, ok, I’ll tell you…”

“So, where?”

“I got it from ‘Kay Jewelers’.”

“How much did it cost?”

“$700.” My boyfriend replied simply.



“ I cannot believe that you paid that much for a diamond ring, D! $700?Wow…”

“I love you.”

“I know, Dylan.” I replied to him as we kissed again but a little bit longer since we had feelings we had for one another became stronger each time we were together. “At least I know you really love, respect and care a lot about me. Thanks, sweetheart, I appreciate it… And I mean that.”

You’re welcome.” Little did I know, all eight of my friends, my parents, excluding Elizabeth and including my current boyfriend, had a HUGE surprise for me on the day that I would be released from the hospital once I was checked on and the doctors knew for sure that I was fine enough to leave.

Ending of Chapter Three

Beginning of Chapter Four

“Where are we going?” I asked Dylan as he picked me up in his car called ‘Volvo’ from the hospital after the doctors and nurses looked me over, took some of my blood to check up on as well as checking my bones to see that they were still in tack.

“It’s a surprise.”


“Nope… You’ll just have to wait and see, my sweetie-pie.”

“Oh, Dylan…” I said to him, but then decided to not ask him anymore because I knew that he would try his hardest to keep whatever it was away from me.

“Feeling better, honey?”

“Yeah, kinda, but I am feeling relieved because I’m doing better and plus, I was able to rest for a long period of time as I was there. Thanks to you guys for coming in to visit me after the crash.” I talked to my boyfriend for a while as if he wasn’t in my life and a part of him for years, but then, I managed to stop talking and then silently looked out the car window and was noticing all the people,trees, houses and businesses passing by while Dylan continued to drive. I then looked away, leaned my head back into the passenger’s seat and fell soundly asleep. Finally about a half an hour, Dylan parked the car into the garage, put the car into ‘park’ with the shift stick, turned, turned to me and began to study me with his gorgeous green eyes as I was sleeping and into my dreams. He then unlocked his seatbelt, moved over to me and gently kissed me with his lips onto my eyelids. He then made it spill tenderly over to my forehead.

“Wake up, honey, we’re here.”

“Oh, um,… Huh?” I asked groggily as I briefly stretched myself out when I took off my seatbelt from around me since the car suddenly stopped moving. “Where are we?”

“Oh, Devon…” Dylan said to me with a playful sigh, but then added with a smile, “Come on, Miss curious one…”And with that, he took me by the hand after the both of us got out of the car and then immediately headed over to the house. Before we went in, my boyfriend quickly blinded me with a face mask.

“What are you doing?” I asked Dylan. “Is this one of your schemes?”

“What kind of schemes?”

“One of your surprises like you did when you bought me the ring and gave it to me?”


“Sssshhhhh, what?”

“Hey, I’m just kiddin’… Come on, let’s go inside.” When the two of us went inside the house, it was completely pitch dark. As soon as Dylan took the blindfold over from my eyes and turned on the light, I almost fell over myself as I heard everyone yell out, “SURPRISE, WELCOME HOME!!!!”

“AWWWWWWWWW… You GUYS?!?!?!” Once that occurred to me, I felt more shocked than surprised because I saw all eight of my friends; Crystal, Lucinda, Cheyenne, Christine, Jewel, Piper, Carly, and Amy, my mom and dad, as well as Dylan, my best friend as well as my lover. At that point in time, I was so excited about the fact that I had friends and family who cared enough to throw me a party which was meant for my recovery.

Ending of Chapter Four

Beginning of Chapter Five-Conclusion

As I was at the house that day, it was awesome partying with my friends and my parents did wonders for me by buying me presents; just because, and my friends had bought food and drinks to start on once they all had the party for me, so I had the chance to stay with my boyfriend for a while. We talked, kissed, and talked again, and then watched a little bit of television since the girls and my parents went out to buy extra food for me, until it was time to say our ‘goodbyes’ for the night. I felt a little disappointed, but knew that they had to leave. Because of the fact that Dylan was so faithful and dedicated to me, he decided to stay after my parents and I along with him, cleaned and vacummed all around the house. I was so proud of Dylan for all the work he pitched out and did for my parents and I. Once we got most of the work done, but not enough because we were so exhausted, I said ‘goodnight’ to my mom and dad, leaving the two of us alone like the both did when they went along with my friends to buy food and drinks for the “welcome home” party for me around that moment in time.

“I had such a good time tonight, D… You covered up the party and made it a surprise so well.” I said to my beau as him and I were outside of my parent’s house.

“Oh, well, I try.” My boyfriend replied back with a smile. We talked and talked again so much that it was getting late and Dylan had to go home since it was pitch dark like it had been when I became the center of attention.

“Good night, Dylan and drive safely, ok?”

“ I sure will. Good night.” And with that, my boyfriend kissed me tenderly on my lips and I replied by kissing him back by a tiny bit harder because I loved him so much. It was then that we both got into each other and we did not notice that my parents stared at the two of us out of the window of the house, then looked lovingly at one another as they too, hugged in an embrace. After themselves kissed like they did, remembering how they were like in the past, they felt so incredibly grateful at the fact that out of love, they realized that I was growing up and experiencing the meaning of life and love that they could have had together forever. So after that, my parents quickly closed the shades and then headed off to bed as they saw Dylan drive off once he got into his car and I came inside the house. I then went over to my room to change my clothes as I headed upstairs, said a brief prayer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and as I went to bed, I immediately closed my eyes, falling asleep with pleasant dreams of both Dylan and I together in my mind until the next morning, which just so happened to be Saturday.


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