“Flip Zone”

Poem by: Devon N. Roberts

Thoughts keep buzzing and spinning

In and out of my mind like crashing waves

Just like the ocean does.

It’s hard to stay positive

When things seem tough in life-

They may go away

Or it COULD stay — But, for how long?

I would like to feel “strong”

Strong enough to throw negativity away

Negativity —

A word that shuts me down at times

‘Flip Zone’ of that- Positivity

Happy, now that I believe I can do what I want

Negativity, sadness and fear

Is what’s pushing me back

God, please bring me to happiness

The one I’m yearning for

Though I feel this ‘Flip Zone’ of mine

Enhanced with problems; arising everyday

Creating the inevitable —

I need patience


Strength; although I believe in the Almighty One

Without Him, my life is a sham.

Basically at the moment —

I’m going through my one and only ‘Flip Zone’.

-Devon N. Roberts

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