“Kidnapped For Ransom”

Written by: Devon Natasha Roberts

Before I write this, I would like to take the time to say that the characters in here are fictional and should not be copied for any reason. The story in this book and these names should not be used in any way, shape, or form. Thank you very much for your consideration.

I would first like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this gift of creative writing and I feel so grateful that I am able to type all of these different novels and all that YOU do for me. Thanks be to God.

I would also like to thank and dedicate this story to my father Wilbert Roberts because him and I have the very same thing in common, which is to write, but I didn’t get into writing poems until now. Thanks for everything, dad… I love you.

Last, but not least, I would like to give a special ‘thanks’ to myself because for me, I love writing and I didn’t know that I could share all that I have to people who like to write like I do, or if not, they write about politics and many other things. Anyway, as encouraged, I would like to express my ‘thanks’ again and as always: Happy reading!:-)

Characters Are: Alexandra Sanders, {Heather McFadden -“I” narrative}, Cindy Price, {Amy Price-Cindy’s one and only daughter} Ashley Madison, Police officer Amanda Swan with police back up officers Nicholas Wright and Sgt. Frank Fields

Chapter One

“I want a million dollars in cash or your daughter belongs to me.” The dubbed voice said and added after he/she paused for a minute on the phone after it was picked up by the undercover police officers. They also continued to say in the dubbed voice, making sure that he/she would cover their tracks. “I want you to bring it and have the money in a suitcase; go to the Arara National Bank and set it next to the blue mailbox —to the left side of it. I don’t want the police to be involved. If they are, I will take it to the next level.”

“Hey! Do you REALLY think that I am made out of money?” Cindy Price asked as if she was talking to Amy, her daughter. She then said while tears began to fall from her eyes, “PLEASE… I beg of you… I want to at least hear from my daughter… Please… I’ll do anything… Just tell me what you need and I will give it to you. I plead with you… Just let me hear from my daughter.”

“Keep ’em talking.” One of the police officers named Amanda Swan said to Cindy in a whisper over to her and as the person on the phone line kept the phone line clear at that moment, she quickly received two tissue papers to wipe her tears away as they cascaded down her cheeks. As she heard her eight-year old daughter on the phone line, she began to cry when she heard her child ask in question,


“Amy? Amy, It’s me, mommy.”

“Mommy?” Amy asked again and added since she knew her mother’s voice. “Help me, mama! I’m trapped! Mommy… I wanna come home. Where’s daddy, mommy? I love-” After that, they all heard a sudden scream which was Amy calling for her mother as well as crying going on in the background. Once that occurred, Amy’s mom didn’t hear from her anymore because the dubbed voice took the phone away from her daughter and said quickly before he/she could be caught, still talking on the phone line,

“The money or else…” And then with that, the phone got cut off with a huge ‘click’ which all of the police officers as well as Cindy and her friends, including me, reacted in shock and disbelief. I felt extremely horrified at the fact that my good friend Cindy’s daughter Amy was abducted; basically kidnapped by someone they didn’t even know, AND, they didn’t know if it was a male or female who was with the girl at the time.

Ending of Chapter One

Beginning of Chapter Two

“We believe that the person, whoever it was, was located on the corner of Klept Street, and they were talking to us on a cell phone, not on a pay phone.”

“So, if the person was there, where was he or she talking with us?” ‘back-up’ officer Nicholas Wright asked one of the officers who was an under-cover cop.

“Well, for one thing’s for sure, he/she wasn’t with anyone else… Just heard him/she and Amy… And, we DEFINITELY heard her screaming.” As Cindy continued wiping tears away from her dark, brown eyes, she asked worriedly,

“Will you get my daughter back?”

“Yes, we WILL get your daughter back.” Sgt. Frank Fields responded to her as he gave her a hug which was both comforting and soothing as if he was rubbing a small “tummy” with ‘Vick’s vapor rub. Just then, Cindy’s husband of four years Victor Price, entered the police station and immediately when he saw his wife, he rushed towards her and gave her the most tightest hugs possible and when he was through, he held Cindy close to his body and asked the officers in general,

“Please… Tell us where our daughter is…”

“We think that he or she, whomever committed this crime is in some kind of warehouse or something, because after the criminal allowed Cindy to talk with Amy, we could all hear her screaming and crying in the background as we had them on the line all together.”

“What does this person want?” Mr. Price asked as he looked over at his wife and as she then she raised up her head from her husband’s chest, she said to him as she continued crying, which turned into sobbing,

“Whoever this person is, wants one million dollars, with no police coming in to save our daughter and have her back with us.” As Mr. Price held his wife in his arms again, he said in a determined tone of voice,

“Ok, but we want Amy back NOW… With police or no police around.” Victor then added curiously to one of the officers, “What is your name, by the way?”

Once Amanda Swan introduced herself and all the rest of the team as well as the under-cover cops, she said with authority,

“We WILL get your daughter back… It’s a promise to the both of you. We will get her straight into your arms, and that’s a fact.”

“Thank you all for understanding.” The couple replied in different ways when they both looked at the police officers, as well as the under-cover cops,

“It’s imperative that you bring our daughter back to us. We love her so much and we don’t want anything to happen to her.” Victor said to the cops who of course, noticed that Mr. Price was also extremely concerned for his little girl.

“Yes…” Mrs. Price said and continued, “We don’t want to lose her over this. Just… please… Get this man or woman arrested for kidnapping. Victor and I love our daughter so much.”

After some of the officers reassured Cindy that her daughter would be safe and sound, as well as and my friends and I, Swan, Nicholas Wright and Sgt. Frank Fields headed out of the station where they were working, taking the suitcase, which was filled with the “cool” one million dollars that the criminal had asked for, immediately got into their squad cars and left, heading into the direction of where the criminal was first located.

Ending of Chapter Two

Beginning of Chapter Three

At the warehouse located in Lawrence Street…

“Mister?” Amy asked the criminal politely while looking at the person with her brown eyes.

“Yes?” The person who had spoken in the dubbed tone of voice asked Amy since he had gotten her attention.

“May I go to your restroom? I really have a “situation” here.”

“What kind of “situation” do you so-call manage to have?”

“I just need to use it, Mister,… Please? I REALLY need to go.”

“Ok…” The person who turned out to be a man who went by the name Caleb Grey, really looked like a criminal as well as someone who at least had a stable home to live in — He looked incredibly shady and that was what 8 year old Amy thought to herself while paying close attention to him and what he may or may not want from him. Since the place that this criminal was in which according to one of the officers mentioned, was a warehouse, Grey added as he stood her up from where she was forced to sit as he held her captive, “I will come with you, you know,… Just to make sure that you are not going to escape. I am not an idiot, so just… Just watch it with me. Got it?”

“Yes, Mister.” Price replied to Caleb as she watched as he was following her to the restroom. She then said the two of them got there, “Mister, I need to use the restroom ALONE…” And with that, giving Amy the kind of respect she truly deserved, he allowed her to go to the restroom to use it for herself. After she went in, Caleb decided to wait in front of the restroom so he would know for himself that she would actually use it and not pull any kind of tricks on him.

After Amy was finished with using the restroom by using it and washing her hands vigorously, she saw that there was a window open that she could crawl through, but unfortunately for her, there were two German Shepard dogs guarding the window, so she knew for herself that she couldn’t just make a break for it and leave. Finally when Amy was finished using the restroom, she opened the door and came out.

“Are you ok with using the restroom now?” Grey asked Cindy and Victor’s daughter that was still held for ransom. After she briefly nodded in obedience, she went back to where she was originally sitting inside the warehouse. Even though Amy was scared for her life and wanted to be with her parents, she desperately wanted to see them, so that they would know that she handled her composure for an 8 yr old girl such as herself.

As Grey was standing but slowly walked around, he headed over to his cabinet and quickly grabbed himself a bottle of scotch. He then filled it up with ice in a small glass, poured the liquid into it and then took a few bitter sips before he placed it down on the table along with the bottle next to it.

Since Amy was a really smart girl, she knew that this stranger wanted the money in exchange for her parents to have her back, so she had $2.00 saved that her father had given her one day when she helped him out with chores around the house. As Price pulled the money out from her jeans pocket, she managed to flash a smile at him despite the chaos he brought to the family of three.

Ending of Chapter Three

Beginning of Chapter Four-Conclusion

“Come out with your hands UP!” Police officer Amanda Swan yelled while she had her pistol pointed at Grey after they all managed to find the warehouse that criminal Caleb Grey held Amy… But first, he wanted his money… All one million dollars of it. When Grey quickly stuck his head of the windows featured in the warehouse, he asked aloud as they looked up at him because she was two floors up,

“When I called, didn’t I tell you about the money and no police?”

“We have what you want. Bring Amy down here… NOW!”

“Bring the money here and I will let Amy go.”

“No.” Sgt. Frank Fields replied firmly. “We want you to bring Amy down here and we will give you what you had asked for.” It took a while for Grey to leave the area that he was at because all he wanted was the money to flee from the police with it. Since Caleb had a pistol in his hand as well, he motioned over to Amy and held it to her back as they walked carefully downstairs and out of the warehouse.

Even though the police officers were told not to come and they did anyway; the rest of them including Sgt. Fields, along with their vehicles, were in the front of the Arara National Bank, with the money inside the suitcase next to the blue mailbox- left side. It wasn’t very long where Amy’s mother got a glimpse of her daughter, but then sighed in anguish because she saw the gun that was pinned behind her back.

“AMY!!!!!!” Cindy screamed for her daughter and wanted to grab and pull her close to herself, but Grey roughly pulled her daughter back behind himself as he continued holding the pistol gun on her. Cindy’s husband tried holding his wife back and as she cried in mercy, she said,

“PLEASE… Give us back our daughter… Do you have a child now?”

“No, I did… Once…. But, now I don’t have him anymore.” Grey replied and added, “I had him once, but he was taken away from me by child services.”


“We couldn’t take good care of him. We had no family to give him things that we needed to give to him and raise him right because of what we used to do and we had him early in our lives.”

“What was your son’s name?”

“Nathan Grey.”

“Nice.” Mrs. Price complimented on the life of the criminal who had her daughter captive that bright sunny day. “I am so sorry that you had your baby taken away from you, but that’s our daughter and we want our own back.”

“Yes,” Mr. Price added after his wife talked with the criminal. “That’s our daughter there and we love her. Both of us do. Please… Give Amy back to us. You have your money that you said you wanted, so it’s a fair trade.”

“Yes, of course it’s a fair trade.” For the next couple of minutes, Caleb held Cindy and Victor’s daughter with him until I stepped up and said to him in defense, “If you don’t give Amy up right NOW… I will kill you myself.”

“Really?” Grey challenged. All of a sudden, I quickly took out my “Swiss Army Knife” and held it close to his neck. Although I wasn’t a police officer, I still wanted to help the officers to bring my friend Cindy and her husband to find justice. I finally breathed a sigh of relief as the Officer Nicholas Wright placed the hand-cuffs behind Caleb, read his rights and then placed him in the back seat of the police vehicle.

After that, 8 yr old Amy immediately ran over to her parents and gave both of them hugs and loving kisses for a while and once that was over, both her mom and dad thanked all of the officers and undercover cops for helping them to find their daughter in the warehouse so they could finally bring Amy home to both of them. Before they headed for their car to go to their destination, I watched as well as her and my friends looked closely and lovingly as the couple kissed, then happily went away, hoping that something as scary as this, would NEVER, EVER happen again.

-The End