“Penelope And Plaza Vanderbell- Two Humble Princesses”

Written by: Devon Natasha Roberts

Before I write this, I would like to say that the following characters are fictional and should not be used in any way, shape or form. Thank you very much for your consideration.

The first thing I would like to say is that I’d like to express my thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with this talent of writing different novels over the years, and even though I have lost a few of them, I have gained a whole lot more. Thanks to YOU, my GOD… One thing that I would like to ask of YOU is to keep me safe as well as my family although there are setbacks every once in a while, YOU help me go through them. I also think that even though I TRY to talk to You as if You were there, it seems like you’re not. I just have to to keep praying to YOU when things go wrong or right also.

Last, but not least, I’d like to “thanks” to myself for working on stories for years now even though I ended up losing some of the work I’ve been doing before; ones that I couldn’t publish online since I was always using binders, pens and loose-leaf papers and dividers as well.

Characters Are: Penelope and Plaza Vanderbell {sisters}, King Edward Vanderbell, Queen Echo Vanderbell, King Howard Madison, Prince Kyle Madison, Queen Ora Madison.

“[Vanderbell’s] V.S. [Madison(s)]”

Beginning of Chapter One

Twelve decades ago in the Medieval Era of Scotland…

When Plaza was only ten years old, both of her parents forbade her to live in a place which was always sunny and bright. Instead, it constantly looked dim and miserable, despite the weather. Her, along with her older sister Penelope, always went out into the dry city streets around the castle, serving food to all the poor people whom which like for instance, food, clothing, even shoes on their feet because they could not even afford that for themselves since taxes were always rising and it was only the “middle” and “high class” who were able to get by. It was only Plaza who wanted to play with the other children, but she had to be with her older sister and she was extremely sad and disappointed about it all at once.

As the two girls continued to help out while in the castle, passing by adults who were purchasing wine, bread, fruits and vegetables as they needed, Plaza asked her sister, “Penelope?”

“Hm… Yes?”

“Why can’t I play with the other children? They’re having so much fun.”

“We have to work just like mum and daddy usually have us do.”

“But, why?” Plaza asked in question as she watched her sister turn her attention to a poor woman sitting on the curb, mercilessly begging for food. As Penelope turned her attention back to her little sister, she said while flashing her a smile, but in the back of her mind, she was having the same feelings because personally, she wanted to live her life as normally as she could… Just like her younger sister.

“It’s what mum and daddy tell us that we should do… To help people who cannot do anything on their own; that we could provide them with their basic needs. They need to survive just as much as we do, especially the ones who aren’t able take proper care of themselves.” Penelope added, “Lucky for us, we aren’t living that way, and honestly as well as personally, I feel a tiny bit fortunate as well as grateful to do this for them so that when we have families of our own; IF we do, we can be able to teach to same qualities mum and daddy taught the both of us. I, however, won’t punish them like our parents are doing with us. I will raise them to the best of my ability and will give them the kind of life they want, AND will support them as well.”

Once the two girls were finished serving the woman with supplies, they kept on their job of serving the lower class. What both of them wanted more and more was to have lives of their own and be independent rather than follow what their parents wanted out of them.

Feeling confident as she was at the moment and continued to serve the “poor”, Plaza suddenly laid her brown eyes on one of the children which was a boy her age who she happened to “recognize” since he was “middle class” just like she had been because he wore his hair short; dark brown and shoulder-length, an off-white tee shirt that was neatly tucked in due to his suspenders, dark pants, and dark socks with shoes also.

As she passed by him while she was with her sister, he couldn’t help but stare at her; he thought that she was the most beautiful girl he has ever SEEN in the world. When he did, Plaza blushed red, feeling that her cheeks were hot and also felt herself feeling extremely nervous at that moment. She didn’t know that when they both looked at one another, there was a special kind of connection and chemistry flowing between the two of them in their hearts. All of a sudden, when she saw her sister Penelope beacon her to go with her because it was time for the two of them to head home, the boy Plaza had seen that day stared at her once more before his father walked over to him, held him by the hand and led him away since he was heading over to his house, too.

Ending of Chapter One

Beginning of Chapter Two

Several years later while still living in Scotland…

As both princesses continued serving the “poor” people due to the fact that their parents held that rule over them, Penelope couldn’t take it anymore. Just like her younger sister Plaza, who she explained to back then, how she wanted to have a life and be “free” although she knew and understood how important it was when she told Plaza this in the past, but she didn’t think too much about it… Until she herself had a plan… She knew that she wanted to do, but she didn’t want her sister to know at the same time. She didn’t want to trust her sister because she thought that she’d be “the leak” if she ever knew.

When it was nighttime several hours later, with Plaza in “sweet slumber”, Penelope quickly headed over to her closet as she was in her room and began to place clothes into her suitcase; allowing this to be the first thing she did before her sister would catch her in the act; especially when she was sleeping. When she was finished with that, she had no time to brush her long hair, so she placed a comb into her front pocket, threw on a shawl over herself, covering her head so no one could see her, not even her own parents, and did what she had in mind… Run away from home.

Ending of Chapter Two

Beginning of Chapter Three

“Honey, have you seen your sister? She is supposed to go out with you to serve the poor today.” Queen Echo Vanderbell asked her daughter Plaza the next morning because it was only her that prepared for the day by taking a shower, getting her clothing together; wearing them as well as her comfortable shoes on her feet since usually walking all over town would give her really bad blisters and it each time she had to do it, both her and as well as her sister would have do was to soak them in warm water every couple of nights. Just before Plaza went downstairs where her mother was, she quickly placed her long dark brown hair into a French braid, then throwing it behind her back and sat down with her mum and daddy to have breakfast which was “sunny-side up” eggs with sausages, bacon and tea; without cream, just milk.

It was just about time for Plaza to get started on her day because she knew what she needed to do… But at the same time, wondering where her older sister was. Once she grabbed her basket filled with Italian bread and strawberry jam, she headed over to the room that was her own and Penelope’s also; calling out and telling her that she needed to come with her because she needed to be with her, walking around doing their daily chore. Still no show for her sister. Finally when there was no answer, Plaza knew at that moment, her sister was missing.

Ending of Chapter Three

Beginning of Chapter Four

“Missing!?!?” The Queen of Vanderbell yelled out but also shrieked in horror, almost falling over the chair she was sitting in for breakfast that day. She then added worriedly, and even scared, especially since this happened to her two girls that she raised, who are women now and can take care of themselves. “Where did she go? Please, tell me she’s not in any danger…” Since Plaza seemed just as concerned as her mother, she immediately and quickly trotted over to the kitchen where the sink was, and drew her a tall glass of water to drink. Once she did, Plaza said to her,

“Mum, breathe… please… I don’t want you to end up having a heart attack.” Queen Echo Vanderbell flashed a scowl at her second daughter, wanting to know exactly where Penelope was, and so when Plaza shot a mean expression back at her, she said to her mum, “Whatever did I do for you give to me a look like that? Besides, it looks as if you love her more than me… Not that I loathe or feel jealous of her because I’m really not… And not that I don’t care even though she’s my sister and all…”

“We’ve have GOT to find her, I don’t want ANYTHING to happen to her.” Plaza’s mum said to her in determination, but in her heart, she felt so ‘crushed’ that Penelope was missing and she blamed herself for what she was facing at the moment.


Since Penelope ran away from her home where she was living with her mum, sister, and daddy because she wanted to become independent by receiving a place where she could live on her own as well as cooking and washing/drying clothes for herself; also, she did not want to go back to her parents where all they were doing was trying to show both of their daughters how to be gracious, thoughtful, nice and grateful, but honestly, and even sometimes, she did not like the way her parents were treating her, so the only thing TO do, was to form a plan to leave them all behind.

She did however, absolutely had no idea what was about to come as she headed over a ranch where there were horses. As Penelope walked slowly into the barn since it was “pitch black” in there, she adjusted her shawl and she was in the midst of picking up a dark brush to brush the horse’s back when all of a sudden, someone wearing a dark mask and dark outfit came from behind and covered her mouth before she could even scream.

When she tried to scream, the person who had their hand over her mouth, quickly grabbed a cloth and roughly tried to put her down to sleep… And when she was, the person dragged her body in the back of the barn and then placed her over their left shoulder. This person was so ruthless that whoever it was underneath the dark mask took her to sit into a chair which where this person “plopped” her on and then placed handcuffs on her wrists, and afterwards, the person under the mask threw some water on her face and body so that she would wake up after she was underneath this person’s antics.

“Get me out of here, PL-EASE.” Penelope rasped for air when all of her clothes and long hair were soaking wet. “I want to go back home.” It was only then that the person who was wearing the dark mask revealed himself; devilish dark brown hair, painfully blue eyes that seemed to pierce your skin if you went in too close… He was wearing a light blue “V” neck shirt with dark blue ripped jeans and sneakers. “I made a mistake of leaving my parents and my lit’ sister because I didn’t want to do what they had asked of me. I didn’t want to do it anymore. I love them all so much and I KNOW that they are now worried about me.”

“Oh, my…” The man had said to Penelope in a voice filled with sarcasm. “Maybe you SHOULD listen to your parents when they tell you things, because maybe, just may-be you won’t be stuck in a runt like this.” While Plaza’s sister tried to wiggle out of the handcuffs that this person who goes by the name of Kyle Madison, said as he flashed her a smile that looked very strange… as if he really liked what he was getting away with, so he said to her,

“Could I ask you WHY you decided to leave your parents and sister to be all alone?”

“You don’t need to know why, not that it is any part of your business…”

“Why do you have to be so ‘shady’ with what you’re trying to do? It’s not like I’m doing the things that only have me ending up in jail, you know?”

“Please, mister… I don’t know WHO you are, but I really need to leave… And, I mean immediately.” Penelope said as she was trying to stand up for herself. She had no idea that as she kept trying to wiggle her hands from behind the chair she was sitting in, as she was still wearing the hand-cuffs Kyle placed on her; that she was bleeding, however, it wasn’t much blood coming out of her while she kept watching Madison’s expression which seemed to be like he needed to go to a mental institution or something.

“Wanna drink?” Madison asked Vanderbell as he headed over to where the tools were and grabbed himself a bottle which was almost filled to the brim with beer. This is really awesome… Wanna try some? It’s good for ya, I promise.”


“NO!?!?” Madison asked Penelope almost incredibly. “No one EVER says ‘no’ to me and gets away with it…” In that moment, he opened the beer cap with his teeth, hurled it away with a spat and then said in a demand,

“You DO and WILL have a drink of this.” Madison then walked over to her and then proceeded to take one of his hands, squeezed her cheeks to open her mouth and then tried pouring the contents into it. Some of it she had swallowed, (but this was just when Kyle happened to be knighted as a Prince with his parents around, especially his mother because she was a real tyrant and both of them did not know what he was doing with his life at the time…) and since he was trying to force her to do what he had asked, she spat out the rest of it in his face as well as his clothes. In light of what she did to him, he grabbed another bucket and threw some more water at Penelope, allowing her body to shiver vigorously as she felt the presence over the temperature of the water; “feeling cold as ice”.

Ending Of Chapter Four

Beginning of Chapter Five

Due to the fact that Penelope was still missing, the remaining family; Plaza, her mum and daddy; the three of them went around the castle, asking people of they have seen her daughter Penelope; each showing them a beautiful picture and asked if they knew saw her and if they did, they would give them money if they found her. The more the four of them tried to find their lost family member, the more worried they became, only thinking of the worse instead of the best because nighttime was coming, and since it was, the four of them decided to head back to their home; worried and exhausted from their goal, especially Plaza, which was trying to find her, but to no avail.

After Plaza’s mother changed clothes when she was in her room along with her husband, she slowly and silently walked over to the window, sat next to a seat that was by it and began to cry softly. As her husband sat down opposite her, he himself felt like he let his family down and though he wanted to cry just like she was, but he held in his emotions because he wanted to feel strong for them both. As Queen Vanderbell continued to cry while her husband was with her, she asked him as he moved next to her and began to wipe away the tears that fell from her eyes,

“Was I a “bad” mum to Penelope, Edward? I mean, was I THAT bad for her to leave the way she did?”

“No, you weren’t.” Edward replied as he began to her hold her steady and cuddled her in his strong and long embrace. “Don’t worry, Echo… We will find her. I promise we will.”

“Do you think that it was because we pressured her too much for her and Plaza to go out to the lower class to give them food, clothes and shelter… Especially since when we discipline the two of them to do that each day?”

“Hm,…” King Edward said to his wife as he still had her within his strong arms and added as he soft and gently raked her hair with his tender fingers, “If that was the case, then we could have talked with her about it… we could have sat down together and that way, she could have told us how she felt rather than making up her own mind and coming up with the decision on what she wanted to do.”

“That would have probably been a wise choice for her for whatever seemed to bother her… What I don’t understand is why she hadn’t come and confide in us first…”

“Shhhh…Try not to worry your head over it, dear,…” King Edward answered again to his wife because he knew how worried she was about Penelope. She loved both of her children very much,… Even though she had favored her oldest daughter while she was told that Penelope had been gone that time. As he continued to rake her hair back between his fingers, he replied to Echo tenderly as he began to kiss her lips softly, “We will keep trying to see where she can be found. Let’s go to bed and we can deal with this tomorrow,… What’d you say?”

“Oh, ok. I will try not to worry about her… We just have to search harder, that’s all. Thanks, honey.” Queen Echo replied to her husband with a huge sigh and also with an extreme yawn which followed. And finally with that, the couple headed over to their “king side” bed and quietly turned in for the night.

Ending of Chapter Five

Beginning of Chapter Six-Conclusion

Back at the barn the next day…

“So, what’s your name?” Kyle Madison; the man who kept Penelope hostage, with her now in bondage even though she was still sitting in the chair with her hands tied behind her back since she was in hand-cuffs; filled with dry as well as fresh blood dripping down to her fingertips, she was placed in a locked cell all by herself.

“Why should I tell you? You don’t know me…” Penelope shot back hotly at Kyle who was the man, {Prince by the way…}

“I’d like to know… Just curious…”

“Why do you want to get to know me?”

“Like I said, I’m curious, and I would like to get to know you, because I find you extremely attractive.” Prince Kyle answered, once again flashing that strange smile at her. “I’m Kyle Madison, by the way...”

“Now, would you like me to say, “Nice to meet you” and for me to tell you my name? You don’t deserve to know.” Penelope replied to Madison as she now watched as he walked over to a table where he had all of his beer bottles stacked, grabbed another one and after he did the same thing when trying to get Penelope to drink his “poison”, he tore the cap open, hurled it and then began to drink greedily, this time without allowing Penelope to have some of what he was placing into his immune system.

As she was still locked in the cell, and before he left to go back over to the barn where the animals were, he warned Penelope not to pull any “fast one’s” and to try and not escape. At that point, she had no idea that after she asked for her “Higher Power” to help her to be rescued from this man who held her captive and though she did, she didn’t know that because of her decision, she was “beating herself” up since she left her youngest sister and her parents alone, especially since she wanted to live her life by herself and not to feed people who couldn’t even take care of themselves.

It was about 4 hours later when King and Queen Vanderbell, also Plaza Vanderbell continued their search for their oldest daughter and each time they did, they showed the picture of her asked them if they have seen her. Unfortunately, it was either people who didn’t know her or wasn’t familiar with her name. It took the three of them hours on end to find Penelope until night fell…

“Penelope? Are you there? Where are you? Answer me,… Please…” Plaza whispered as she was the only one looking for her since mum and daddy both gave her permission to find her sister and as she did, she headed over to the barn where the horses were when she was at the ranch and that’s when she saw that there was a huge locked cell… When in horror, she saw her sister Penelope sitting down in a chair, drenched in water, blood and sweat overcoming her. As Plaza continued to look for a way to unlock the cell by sneaking over to where Madison had his stack of beer, she heard someone coming, so after Penelope’s sister continued to listen to the heavy footsteps walking, she quickly grabbed the keys that were for the cell and immediately hid by the sacks of hey, watching as she saw the bandit enter the ranch, placing his beer bottle on the table with a “bam” where the others were already finished.

When he suddenly realized that the keys were missing, Kyle asked Penelope in a rough tone of voice, “Did you take the keys up from the table?”

“What?” Penelope asked, even in the back of her mind, she felt like laughing her head off because of the fact that it “disappeared”, and was no where to be found.

“I SAID… Where are THE KEYS?!?!”

“I don’t KNOW!”

“If you don’t tell me right now where those keys are… I will…”

“Will WHAT? Dispose of me?”

“Well, hey,… I could go for that…” Madison said to Penelope as he walked over to the cell where Plaza’s sister was held. At a moment’s time, Plaza said to Kyle as she was styled all in body armor, featuring a sack of a bow with several arrows behind her back as well as a wearing a garment belt around her waist with a sword on her hips.


After Madison quickly turned to the where the sound was coming from, he asked in question, “Hey, YOURESELF! How did you get in here?”

“I’ve been where you couldn’t see me.” As Plaza took hold of the keys, and she began to swing them between her fingers, she asked in a tone filled with a mix of sarcasm and seduction, “Looking for these?”

“Yes… I was.” Kyle replied. He then added, “They were right where I left them, which was on the table with my “Coors Light” beer! Those are MINE! You have no right to take them away from me!”

“Release my sister first and then we’ll talk about the keys.” Penelope’s sister replied as she continued to walk up to Madison with the keys in her right hand. All of a sudden, a fight ensued between Kyle Madison and Plaza; all the while, Penelope was screaming her lungs out for her sister to get her out from the cell that Madison held her in.

With sheer endurance, Plaza quickly took one of the keys that held her into the cell, opened it and immediately found another key that was for the handcuffs and once she did that, the two women fled, but not before Madison took Penelope by the throat and pushed her into the wall; choking her. It pained Plaza to see her sister being choked by this man, so she took out her bow and arrow and aimed for his heart.

“Hey, hey… You don’t wanna do that, do you?” Madison asked in a snappy tone of voice. “You know… I could easily snap both of ya like a twig if ya ain’t careful…”

“You know that I would…”

Come on, Plaza, let’s get the heck outta here!!” Penelope screamed as she quickly grabbed her sister and began running through the ranch… Running for dear life. The two of them ran through the forest together until when they turned, the two of them realized that they weren’t being chased anymore by him. After the two of them stopped to catch their breath, Plaza said to her sister when she gave her a hug, “Do you want to come back home to us?”

“After all this that I had to go through, I really think that I wouldn’t be able to survive being on my own. I am SO sorry that I left you, mum and daddy.”

“Especially mum, P.”

“ESPECIALLY MUM.” Plaza said to her sister and then with that, the two of them headed from the forest and back home. It was 10 hours later when Plaza surprised her mum and daddy with Penelope being there with them and they were absolutely overjoyed with the fact that she was safe and sound. They did not care about the fact that she was missing, and Penelope told both of them the reason why she ran away from home, which was obviously about the feeding of the people who had nothing to eat and were starving, so her parents let her do whatever she wanted in her life.

Several weeks later, Plaza became a knight and there was a war going on and in the process, she finally was able to meet up with the same boy who fell in love with her and after the two of them go to know each other well, Plaza decided to get married to him and they both decided to settle down to have a family of their own… To live and love together… In peace.

-The End