“Soft To The Touch”

Written by: Devon Natasha Roberts

Before I write this, I would like to remind everyone that the characters in here are fictional except one that is real, and should not be copied for any reason. This story here and these names cannot be used in any way, shape or form. Thank you for taking the time to read this and also for your consideration.

First, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for helping me when I need it, and being the best person ever because though I am always seeking Him, He is always there for me and I am so glad that he gave me this “gift” of writing and also allowing me to run away with my ideas of being able to entertain people with all these stories that I’ve written for everyone to read and to see.

Next, I would like to dedicate this story as well as the others ones I’ve already finished to my dad because though there was a big horrific change for my family and my life, I have been able to survive and strive for my dreams since he used to do that, and I was able to follow what he did in the past without using a computer/laptop, but using other ways to create stories. Thank you very much, dad for allowing me to find something special that I would like to keep doing as best as I can. I love you.

Lastly, I would like to thank myself as well as all of you for taking the time to look at all that I’ve written. I hope to receive more “claps” with more of the stories I place out here as well as the poems since all of a sudden, I was encouraged to write them by one of my counselors if I was ever feeling sad (or hopeful) about what I was going through. Hopefully, all of you would like this one that I’m going to place here, so please bare with me if it doesn’t come out right away since I just started it. Anyway, happy reading!:-) (P.S.: If possible, I would like read comments about my writing from all of you if you just so happen to read what I’ve written. Thanks.):-)

Characters Are: Juliet Madison, Heather Hernandez, Julia Sanders, Taylor Lawrence, Victoria Pierce, Jessica McFadden, featuring real life actor Tom Cruise as well as his “brother” “Ethan Cruise”, {Victoria ended up having a crush on “Ethan Cruise”.}, Christina Peterson, and Julian Shields {Victoria’s ex-boyfriend}

Chapter One

“O-M-G… There he is… It’s Tom Cruise!” Heather Hernandez gushed to her five remaining friends as they managed to make their way to the front gate where he was at the premiere of his new movie called, “Straight To The Heart”.

“Ooohh… Juliet’s crush…” Julia Sanders said to her as they were within sights of Cruise, flashing her a sly grin, allowing Madison to blush heavily. As there were other Cruise fans whooping and cheering for him, his eyes immediately met with Juliet’s own. At that moment, they couldn’t get their eyes off of each other as they stared lovingly at each other for a few seconds. Just then, as his hazel eyes slowly turned away from her, she suddenly yelped the word, “Hey!” because a stranger bumped straight into her, wanting to see Cruise. When she did, she turned to see that it was someone she didn’t know. After flashing a look that seemed to read, “How come you just did that to me? Only to see Tom? I’m a fan of his, too, you know…”, she turned back around, focusing only on her friends and not Cruise at the moment.

“Aw, Juliet’s got a crush, she’s got a crush…” Jessica McFadden said in a sing-song tone of voice.

“Do NOT…”

“We do not have to go back and forth with this, Jul… We all know that you’re totally crushing on him…” Victoria said to her friend as she too was trying to get Tom’s attention since she was found Cruise to be a really good actor and admired him only because she liked the way he was able to create his own stunts and that he was always good at it.

“He’s never gonna like me, you guys, even if I do have a special crush on him. He’s famous, and he’s got tons of money; hundreds and hundreds, or maybe thousands or more fans who admire him…”

“I realize how much you stare at him to the point where you’re practically blushing.” One of Juliet’s other friends named Taylor Lawrence replied to Madison as she was also cheering for her favorite actor when she saw him standing by the poster-boards after he walked up the red carpet; smiling at all of his fans including Heather, Julia, Taylor, Victoria, Jessica, especially Juliet. Once Cruise was finished talking to the press about his new movie, he immediately began signing autographs to a few of his adoring fans since he had many. Because of the fact that he thought Juliet looked incredibly beautiful with her shoulder-length dark brown hair, brown eyes and that infectious smile, he couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at her. By the time he reached five of her friends so he could sign his name on the posters they had for him, he finally met up with Juliet. As he flashed one of his beautiful smiles which seem to dance on his face while raking a few gorgeous and succulent brown strands of hair out of his eyes, he said,

“Hi, How are you? What’s your name?”

“Oh, h-hi, Tom,” Juliet stammered a little as she believed at that point that Cruise’s features blew her away. “My name is Juliet Madison. I’m doing ok. How about you?”

“I’m doing great. Would you like an autograph?” Before she could answer, Julia quickly fished out her cell phone from her purse and said with a smile,

“Let’s get a picture of the lovely couple.”

“Lovely couple?” Cruise thought to himself as he decided to take a picture of both him and Juliet posing together, all smiles. After that, Cruise did something that was absolutely remarkable which was that he soft and gently took Juliet’s right hand, planted a tender kiss on it, then whispered to her saying,

“You look ravishing.”

“Oh, Tom…” Juliet whispered blissfully in delight after she took notice of what he did. The rest of Juliet’s friends were so enthused by what happened at that moment that they giggled a little with what occurred just then. She blushed pink as her friends continued watching their favorite actor walk on by, but before he left them to say “Hi” to his many fans, Tom looked at Juliet once more and placed something to her in her hands. While Cruise kept smiling and waving to his fans still on the red carpet, Madison looked down at what she had and discovered that it was a VIP pass to be with him after he was finished greeting the press and many of his admirers.

Ending of Chapter One

Beginning of Chapter Two

“What did he give you?” Heather asked her friend curiously as Madison couldn’t help but smile while watching him walk away.

“A VIP pass.”


“Yeah!” Juliet replied to Heather in excitement as Madison and the rest of her friends crowded around her to see if what she had in her hands really and truly turned out to be a VIP pass to see Cruise “in the flesh”. “I can’t believe this… I get to see Tom Cruise in person.”

“Are we invited too?” Taylor asked and then added, “He only gave you a pass and not the rest of us. Are you going to go on your own?”

“Not exactly sure, but I will ask him if you guys could come along.”

“Great! I hope that he will allow the rest of us to go with you to hang out with him for a while.” Julia said to Juliet even though she wasn’t paying that much attention to the five of them, but had her eyes totally fixated on Cruise.

“Juliet?” Jessica asked as she noticed that her friend was doing nothing but staring at Cruise, taking note of how famous he had been since he had lots of fans praising him.

“What?” Madison asked as she briefly turned to her friend Jessica while at the same time, she placed the a pass around her neck. “I’m sorry, Jess, but I’m just feeling a little anxious about meeting Tom because I saw him close up, AND, he managed to kiss me on the back of my hand. He’s so gentleman-like.”

“Yeah, we all know that, Jul.” Victoria said to her friend as she looked at the pass that she was now wearing it around her neck; wondering if she would get the chance to see her favorite actor as well because she not only did she admire Cruise, but inside it was a whole different story, especially since she lost her one and only beau Julian who messed up their whole relationship by him cheating on her with another man. “If only I could find a man like Tom since he already fell for Juliet and not me. I’d like to accept the fact that the man she always had a crush on likes her back.” Minutes later, Juliet’s five friends including herself watched as Cruise quickly headed away from the crowd along with his bodyguards when he suddenly took Juliet’s hand when he saw her again. Before she could even ask him if her friends could join him, he gave the rest of her friends passes to his place even though they did not know exactly where they were going. Cruise then slipped on his dark sunglasses and immediately directed the six of them into his limo. When they all followed him in, Cruise quickly told his limo driver to “go” and he did just that.

Ending of Chapter Two

Beginning of Chapter Three

“Where is your limo driver taking us, Mr. Cruise?” Heather asked as she took a look at her favorite actor which had her swooning inside.

“Please, call me Tom.” Cruise said to Juliet’s friend as he flashed a warm smile that made her smile back at him. “We are heading over to my place.”

“Really?” Victoria asked in a surprised tone of voice.

“Wow! We’re heading over to your house… Seriously?” Heather asked Cruise in an astonished tone, ultimately feeling excited while the limo driver continued driving on the road ahead.

“Of course.” Cruise replied back with a grin without showing his teeth and nodding at the same time. While the driver proceeded on, the six friends saw fans by the hundreds waving, cheering and even screaming for Cruise. All of a sudden, he felt humbled in his heart by all of who had been following his career. Because of this, Tom rolled down one of the tinted windows, flashed one of his bright smiles, waved to them for a while until he was finally finished within the next few minutes . Seconds later, he rolled up the tinted window, turned to look back at the six friends and asked,

“Do any of you have any burning questions to ask before we enter into my place?” There was a was a mix of “no’s” and “not really’s” so as Cruise looked at Juliet and the rest of her friends, especially setting his hazel eyes on Juliet’s beauty, he asked, rephrasing the question from the one he said before,

“Are you girls absolutely SURE you don’t have questions about where we’re heading?”

“Um…” Taylor began by saying then added, “Actually I do have one. Do you like to cook?” When Cruise said that he did and that he usually cooks meals for himself as he took out a “Bud Light” beer from the bar, opened it to take a swig of it and as he allowed it to touch his lips, he admitted to them all that he would sometimes go to different restaurants to eat out and that he would order the most expensive foods on the menu. Finally, when Juliet looked at her favorite actor as well as her crush, she managed to think about a question, so she asked Cruise,

“What’s your favorite movie that you starred in?”

“There were lots of movies that I starred in, but I think that my favorite movie would probably have to be “Jerry McGuire.” I had a lot of fun dancing to the song called, “Old Time Rock n’ Roll.” And as “Jerry”, I had to play as a “sports agent”, so I was supposed to scream out, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” over the phone, which at the time was kinda hard for me to say.”

“How so?” Jessica asked Cruise, feeling a tiny bit curious about the movie because she has never seen that movie before.

“It was early in my career and I felt extremely nervous and scared even, but with the help of my family and friends, I was able to get overcome stage fright and I can act without feeling that way ever again.”Cruise went on to say, “Plus, I absolutely LOVE performing my own stunts and the people I work with tell me what I’ve gotta do and all I can really do is try my best, create all of them just right so it would be so good that people would want to go ahead and see me in action, especially with all of the “Mission Impossible” movies as well.”

As the driver was still on the road with the six friends, Jessica said to Cruise with an “ear-to-ear” smile on her expression, “I really liked you as “Ethan Hunt” on “Mission Impossible 3”.”

“Seriously?” Tom asked. When she nodded, he replied, “Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome.” And with that, the limo driver continued to drive until minutes later, he drove onto Tom Cruise’s parking spot. As Juliet as well as her friends got out of the limo, they couldn’t keep their eyes off of Cruise’s house, it was so huge.

Ending of Chapter Three

Beginning of Chapter Four

“W-ow… Is this mansion you have here really yours?” Hernandez asked Cruise as the six friends entered his place and looked around.

“Yes, Heather, this is my place.” Tom replied as he took notice of her showing how amazed she was as she continued walking around his house, taking in the fact that he lived in this mansion all alone. Just then to her surprise, she saw another man who also came around and immediately shook hands with her and her other friends, introducing himself as Ethan Cruise, Tom’s brother. When Victoria introduced herself to him, she felt her heart beat overtime as she took a good look at Ethan.

“Can I kiss you?” Pierce asked herself as she didn’t know that she was still shaking his hand currently and not letting go. When she realized it a second later, she quickly let go from shaking his hand and began staring straight into his dark brown eyes while he was still standing with her. “What is wrong with me? Ethan’s so gorgeous, but would he find me attractive just like how Tom felt about Juliet?” Victoria thought more to herself as she now turned her attention to the maids and butlers walking almost every corner of Tom and Ethan’s mansion by putting everything together for the six friends so they all would feel comfortable settling down into the actor’s place. At the same time, Ethan decided to give them all a tour of the place he was sharing it with his brother Tom Cruise.

When Ethan was finished showing the girls around, Victoria was awfully quiet and all she felt like doing was parting ways with all of them, especially since she thought that Ethan had a girlfriend in his life already. She felt then that if she were to express her feelings to him, he would totally reject her. At that point, that seemed to be her deepest fear. While her friends were busy talking to both men, Victoria suddenly believed in her heart of hearts that she was singled out; so much so that she immediately walked away from them.

When Heather noticed that her friend was leaving, she ran behind her and called her by her name. Since she was outside of the mansion, Pierce was just about to ask the same limo driver if he could take her back home when Heather called her name again. All of a sudden, she heard a familiar voice of one of her friends, so she stopped and turned around to face her. As Hernandez came to the realization that her friends’ eyes were stained with tears, she immediately gave Pierce a tight hug and asked her what was wrong after she let go with the heartfelt embrace she needed at that time.

“Juliet’s so lucky that she has a man like Tom Cruise. He’s so sweet all the way around.” While she wiped the tears away from her eyes, she added, “If only I had something like what she now has in her life.”

“I know, hon. I completely understand.” Hernandez said to her friend, recognizing the pain that Pierce showed in her eyes. She then continued saying, “With Tom having a gorgeous man like his brother Ethan, I’m not sure if I could trust men again because of what Julian did to me. I really thought that he was a good and respectful man, Heather.” Since the two women were still standing outside of the Cruise’s mansion, Heather flashed a hopeful smile on her face and said to her friend who was still in tears because she was now thinking about her ex-boyfriend Julian who she had in her life just before he cheated on her. Because of that, she hadn’t heard from him for about a few months.

“I’ve got an idea…” Heather said to Pierce while trying to cheer her up. “Would you like me to talk to Ethan for you and see if he’s interested in wanting to get to know you better?”

“I’m not really sure, H. I think that he might not like me, especially since I’ve been through a relationship with Julian already.”

“Would you rather feel happy or completely depressed about losing him due to what he’s done to you?” Heather asked as she watched her friend rake her short, dark brown hair away from her eyes and quickly dashed her tears away with a few crumpled tissues she had in her hands. Once Heather and Victoria talked a little while more about being in relationships and more about Julian, they finally decided to head back into the mansion. When they did, they saw that both Tom and Juliet were in the kitchen cooking dinner with one another; as they were having fun while at it.

“What are you both cooking? Aren’t the butlers supposed to do that?” Pierce asked as she looked at the two of them.

“Yeah, I know that the butlers usually do this kind of thing, but I gave them all a break. Besides, they need it. They’ve been working hard ever since we came in here.”

“So, what is it that we’re going to have for tonight?” Heather asked the two of them since she was curious about what they were doing.

“Breaded shrimp, chicken, fries and a side of salad if you guys are still feeling famished.”

“Cool.” Heather replied to Juliet while flashing a smile at her and she did just the same. When Victoria saw Ethan, he was about to greet her when all of a sudden, she felt like she had to leave from seeing his face, so she quickly excused herself and once again walked away from her friends and immediately ran from all of them; trying to see if there was a room so she could enter into.

When she did, she crawled onto the thick mattress to lay herself down, covered herself with a thick blanket and cried for a while as a release since she felt that none of her friends understood what was going on with her and blamed herself from her severed relationship with Julian.

At that moment while she was still lying on the bed with the bedroom door closed, she believed that was her fault the two of them broke up. Pierce was about to get up from the mattress which featured soft pillows to find the bathroom where she could wash her face, when she heard someone knocking on the bedroom door several times.

Ending of Chapter Four

Beginning of Chapter Five-Conclusion

“Can I come in?” Victoria heard a soothing voice ask as she heard another set of the door being knocked at again.

“Whoever it is, please leave me alone… I don’t want to talk to anyone right now.”

“It’s me, Ethan.” Since there was nothing that Pierce could really say to him, she turned herself away from where the door was as she was still lying on the bed. Cruise then slowly pushed it open and gently asked her as he closed it back to the way it was the first time, “Are you alright?”

“I would be if everyone would just stop talking to me for a while…” When Ethan walked over to where only her hair and face could be seen, he quietly sat down beside her and said in a voice that was so tender she maneuvered her head to look up at him,

“What’s wrong? I just want you to know that I will be here for you anytime you wanna talk to me. I’m really concerned about you. Your friends as well as both Tom and Juliet are worried about you. C’mon… Talk to me… Please.”

“I’m sorry, Ethan,” Victoria replied. “I couldn’t help but think that you didn’t like me.”

“You mean like friend or boyfriend/girlfriend material?”

“Boyfriend/girlfriend material.” Pierce murmured as she covered herself even more in fear of rejection just like she had before she met Julian in which he turned against her by loving someone else. In return of what she said, Ethan smiled to the point where his eyes twinkled in delight.

“Why are you smiling?”


“I’m not following you.”

“You didn’t give me a chance to get to know you better.” Ethan replied. “I felt a bit tempted to kiss you when I got the courage to shake hands and introduce myself to you.”

“I’m sorry, Ethan, but… I felt like I wanted to kiss you, too.”

“Oh.” Ethan replied softly and after Pierce unraveled the thick blanket from around her and placed the comfortable pillow aside, Cruise bent down to face her. He then touched her soft hair within his fingers and caressed her skin; touching and brushing her gentle cheeks between his thumb and index finger.

“Ethan…” Pierce sighed in delight as he went a little closer to her, kissing her soft and tenderly on her lips. For her, it was hard to let go because she wanted Ethan so much. As Cruise kept making out with her, Pierce could feel her body rise as she melted into his arms; sharing several kisses with him, also feeling the way that Ethan was kissing her desirably on her neck as she closed her eyes in passion. When the both of them finished their very last kiss, Victoria suddenly frowned at him.

“What’s wrong now?”

“I’m sorry, Ethan, but I can’t do this.”

“But why?” Ethan asked, feeling concerned about her once again. “I want to be with you. You seem to feel hesitant when it comes to me.”

“I really do like you as a boyfriend, Ethan, but before you, there was another man in my life. His name is Julian Shields. Him and I used to date each other a lot… until he suddenly cheated on me with another woman. I’m feeling this way because I don’t want to be hurt like that ever again. I’m not even sure if I should trust you or any other man who comes my way.”

“You can definitely trust me, but it comes both ways.” Ethan said to Pierce as she now pulled the thick blanket across her body and sat up on the bed to face him.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well,” Cruise began by saying, “I had the same thing happen to me. Her name was Christina. I really liked her a lot. I treated her many, many times, and to be short and to the point, she thought that I wasn’t good enough for her, so she broke up with me.”


“Yeah, so, don’t ever feel like you’re going with broken relationships alone because you’re not. I’m in the same boat as you are. I hope that you would give me a chance to be a part of your life since I’d like for you to be in mine. Is that possible?” With what Victoria heard from Cruise echoed in her mind and after she did some thinking while also studying his features and frame, she wiped her eyes again from the remaining teardrops that fell and touched both cheeks, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Ok, sure, why not?”

“Great.” Cruise answered. “Would you like to take a walk with me? It’s still daytime outside.”

“Mr. Cruise… I mean, Ethan, are you asking me out on a DATE?”

“I sure am.”

“Ok, cool. I’ll get myself composed and ready like I was going to do before you came in. When we leave, we can get to know each other better.”

“Awesome.” Ethan replied as he looked at her. “I’ll meet with you and we can go whenever you’re done.” And with that, Cruise watched as Pierce headed straight to the bathroom to freshen herself up. When Pierce headed over to the bathroom after Ethan’s brother Tom showed her where to go. She then managed to get inside and she took care of herself when she was there. After she did that, she washed and dried her hands, then fixed her hair up in the mirror, making sure that she had touched her make-up which she placed on her face.

When she thought that she was finally finished with getting herself together, she headed downstairs and was able to meet up with Cruise. “If only I was at my house… I could have worn something different in which he would actually be impressed with.” Pierce thought to herself as she said “goodbye” to her friends and headed off with Ethan. As they were on their way out, Victoria turned back, quickly noticing that Juliet was sharing a tender kiss with Tom. Pierce then realized that no matter how she felt, she decided to take a chance and she had it better off to be with Ethan rather than Tom.

Once the two of them slowly walked out of the mansion and passed the limo which was still parked outside, both Victoria and Ethan began speaking to one another. They talked and talked until they saw a “Starbucks” coffee place around the corner, so they both walked over there after they crossed the street.

When they went inside, they immediately witnessed that there were many people in the place, so Ethan decided to go ahead and hold a table while Victoria ordered what they both wanted. After Cruise told her what he wanted and also what she wanted at the time, Pierce thought of paying for Ethan and herself while she took the change that she received from the cashier. Once she took the receipt from him, she quickly went over and sat down opposite him with the things she purchased from “Starbucks”.

After both of them made themselves comfortable as they settled down, they chatted a bit more while they were still together at the coffee place. There were even times where the conversation ended up so funny that Victoria smiled and as well as throwing her head back and laughed at what Ethan said as he drank up his coffee mocha, then flashed a smile without showing his teeth just like his brother Tom did with Juliet earlier.

When they stopped talking to one another, noticing that there were still people in the place where they brought stuff to eat that they both realized that they had a lot in common. About an hour later, both Ethan and Victoria were finished eating, so they left “Starbucks”; heading back to the mansion which Cruise shared along with his brother. While they did, there was silence until Ethan asked his date,

“Are you feeling alright, Victoria?”

“Yes, Ethan.” Victoria answered. “What makes you say that?”

“You’re extremely quiet.”

“So are you.”

“Yeah, you’re sure right I am.” Ethan replied. “I mean, we talked and talked until we ran out of things to say.”

“Um hmm.”

“Did you like sitting down at “Starbucks”?”

“Yeah, I did. Thanks.” Victoria said in a voice that sounded very sweet and kind as well as humbled.

“You’re welcome.” Cruise replied as he looked at his date, then couldn’t help but smiled to himself. Once he did, he softly touched her hand. While looking at her, she did the same to him although she was feeling a tiny bit nervous making the attempt. Finally when their hands entwined against each other that day which now turned into night, Ethan could feel Pierce’s head rest on his left shoulder since she felt tired all of a sudden. Minutes later, they approached the mansion.

Cruise was just about to open the door with Victoria there with him when Taylor beat him to it. She told the both of them that they were all leaving, so with Tom bidding “goodbye” to the rest of the women since he wasn’t going along with them. After the six friends entered back into the limo so that the driver could take them home, Cruise decided to join in. Once he dropped off the women to each of their houses, Victoria was the last one to head back home to her parent’s place.

After she got out of the limo about fifteen minutes later, Ethan went along with her. They talked a little bit more, and when Pierce was just about to say something, he intimately touched her lips with his index finger to hush her after he placed a single red rose; tucking it on the back of her ears. He then gave her some several sensual kisses before he departed, he went into the limo to go back to his mansion with his limo driver.

Before he did that, he watched as his new girlfriend open the front door and headed inside. “I love you so much, Victoria and I hope that with time, you and I can be more than friends.” Tom’s brother Ethan thought as him and his beau went their separate ways; him going to where he lived and also with Victoria entering her place. After she greeted her parents, they both wanted to know how she spent her day and once she told them, she headed upstairs. She changed from her outfit into her pj’s, brushed her teeth and then her hair, using her brush which was lying down on her vanity as she was in the bathroom. Before heading off to bed, Pierce prayed and gave ‘thanks’ to God about finding a new man to be with even if he was Tom Cruise’s brother. She then immediately fell fast asleep when she made herself comfortable with her mattress, blanket and also her soft pillow which was located in her spacious bedroom.

-The End