So here’s something to chew on that I haven’t really heard anybody go into other than a few off the cuff comments. And if you’re one of them left leaning, non-genital-grabbing commie hippie types, you might not want to go down this rabbit hole with me.

I am genuinely more afraid of what Trump, Ailes, Bannon, Hannity, Giuliani, et al will do if they lose than if they win.

We now live in a world where Fox News is TOO LIBERAL for 40% of the country. Think about that.

Where do you think these guys can do more harm? In office, where they’re held in check by the largest bureaucratic machine in the history of man, with little to no experience dealing with actual policy negotiations or, you know, laws, or out in the free market, where they have thrived and fomented a rabid base of disenfranchised “patriots” eager to punch Lester Holt in the throat and shell out $12 a month to have their skewed worldview parroted back and beamed straight to their Acer laptops.

What’s the worst he could do? Nuke Rosie O’Donnel’s beach house? Put Kayleigh McEnany on the Supreme Court? (“She went to Harvard. Her briefs are firm and tight. Believe me.”) He’d be terrible. No question. I even think a lot of his supporters think he’d be terrible. But if he loses?

If you think things are bad now, if you think this country is polarized, wait until the day after a Trump loss. Which is what I PROMISE YOU they are counting on. Steve Bannon doesn’t want Trump in the White House. There is nothing he wants more than the most reviled Democrat in herstory in the Oval Office, so he can take all that hatred to the bank for the next four years. Peace doesn’t pay. We got trouble, with a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and stands for Fuck You, Pay Me.

Trump TV is going to make Fox look like C-SPAN, and the deplorables and my Dad and every factory worker and coal miner and small business owner who had to close because Thanks Obama are going to eat it up with a spoon, and endangered things like facts, rational thought and civil discourse will go extinct.

Most people seem to be voting against somebody. Hillary’s corrupt. Trump is a sexual predator. Whatever. I suspect a successful argument could be made for both of those. But you have to look at the long game. At the end of the day, she’s just a politician whose personal dream has been to be President. That’s it. But he’s a businessman. And remember what every businessman says: It’s not personal. It’s just business.

Bottom line, if you thought you had a terrible choice to make, you were right.