Ep. 1: First Code Out…

Life…life, life, life….

The struggle that it is can’t be overstated. But the struggle it becomes when you’re trying to learn how to program can definitely be understated.

I’ve been learning how to program for exactly a year now and what a journey it has been. From the lowest of low’s to the highest of high’s, programming can be an absolute b***h to learn. Let alone when you’re trying to figure it out on your own. But more importantly, how in the hell did I even get here? How did I go from point A to J? (I’m nowhere near Z yet)


Now, if you’re hear to learn about what the hell the .map method does or trying to figure out exactly how the hell to use an API, then I suggest you go to YouTube or someone’s blog who takes this stuff too seriously. I’m here to tell you about my story of how I got into this how sha-bang and maybe some other stuff but that’s it for today. I got some stuff I need to get off my chest…

*queues the flashback sequence*

This time last year I found myself at a podcast convention in Ft. Worth, TX…yes, I did do a podcast. The convention was cool, but I found the fact that I was getting pitched about a podcast every ten minutes a bit annoying. Plus, it didn’t help that I did a hip hop podcast and was one of ten black people there.

…now, that last part was an exaggeration but you should get my drift…

Regardless, I found it hard to get to know people past there podcasting exoskeleton but eventually I would meet a group of guys who would end up shaping the direction of my life in ways I don’t think they saw coming.

How did this happen? Well, they were willing to listen to me talk about my hip hop podcast and I was willing to listen to them talk about the love of their dear, dear Jacksonville Jaguars.

So long-story short, after a couple of beers, a conversation over hip hop conspiracies, and some Texas BBQ, the topic of “programming” comes up.

Why? Because these guys weren’t just some podcasters, they were really programmers who ran a podcast hosting business…

*dun, dun, dunnnnnn*

Them: “Have you ever thought about getting into programming?”

Me: “What is this ‘programming’ that you speak of?” *Yoda voice*

Next thing you, know their giving me the spill on resources to use and yada, yada, yada. I’m all ears at this point. To be honest, I’ve thought about programming but I never thought I could do it. It seemed so esoteric to me. I played with some html and css before but when I tried to learn what javacript was and jquery the world just got so confusing to me. The wall may as well have been melting!

But it was something about the way they suggested it to me. They had so much confidence in me that I could learn it and that did something for me like nothing ever has before. Either way, I took them up on their offer and the next thing you know I started my journey how to program in Ruby, and boy-oh-boy…what a journey it has been…


So that’s the end of today’s little story. I’m going to write something on here every Monday about my journey in programming in the only voice I know how. Granted, next time I’m going to talk more about specific ideas and concepts. But I want to add some personality into my learning lessons. Learning how to program is tough! I’m not going to lie, but what has helped me get through a lot of the growing pains has been just laughing about a lot of this stuff because we all go through it, unless you’re some kind of wiz kid who’s been programming since they were wiggling their tails in their dad’s…fun place!

I promise next time you’ll learn something. I may not be for the senior developer, it may not be for the absolute newbie, but it’s going to be for somebody out there, wherever they’re at.