Devops Week News — Issue #51

Starting this edition, we bring you a video on auto-scaling Docker Swarm services using instrumented metrics with Prometheus.

On Security Advisor section, PostgreSQL gets a fix for a passwordless authentication Flaw.

On article side, revisit ansible.cfg to speed up Ansible execution of playbooks; Linux load averages explained, including why they include the uninterruptible I/O sleep state; things that everyone forgets before committing code and how to monitor a Traefik reverse proxy with Prometheus.

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Video of the week

Auto-Scaling Docker Swarm Services Using Instrumented Metrics — YouTube

Viktor Farcic presents an auto-scaling solution to services running on the Docker Swarm cluster. He assembles a puzzle with few open source projects to achieve it. Check it and learn more.

Security Advisor

PostgreSQL Gets a Fix for a Passwordless Authentication Flaw — The New Stack

Newly released versions of the PostgreSQL object-relational database system fix three security vulnerabilities and over 50 other bugs. Two of the flaws could allow attackers to access accounts and information.


Slow Ansible playbook? Check ansible.cfg! | Jeff Geerling

This post will remember you to verify your ansible.cfg precedence and add the config pipelining to speed up Ansible execution.

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery

What an article! It will explain Linux load averages, including why they include the uninterruptible I/O sleep state.

Things Everyone Forgets Before Committing Code — DZone Agile

Are you ready for committing your changes? This is the kind of article which is good to read time-to-time to do not forget the principles and practices when it comes to committing code, such as old comments, and how to work around them.

How to Monitor a Traefik Reverse Proxy with Prometheus

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Docker to setup Traefik with Prometheus and view all of Traefik’s metrics from a Prometheus Dashboard.

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