Of course it has happened.
Alexander E Jones

The Democratic party is NOT moving to the left, at least not until a lot of Berniecrats move up. The adoptions of the common items with embelishments in the platform are just another lie. As for whether Clinton is that candidate? She’s the least popular candidate they’ve had in quite some time, and it looks like she had to cheat to win the nomination. Gary Johnson will make the debates and he may well be the Republican Candidate from the other party. If Hillary loses, it will be because she and the DNC played dirty.

As to whether my protest vote means anything, as many votes as possible that don’t come under Hillary or Donald will make the point that the people are not being repsresented enough. That’s all anyone needs to know is to keep seeing the numbers increase in the extra parties.

The more they do, they more the Big Two will understand that we cannot and will not be pushed around with BS fear.

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