On Seeing Men Get Away with It
Mia Jacobs

I was raped at 15 by Viet Nam vet who was supervising a church youth group. I was often hit on and occasionally groped as an advertising copywriter in my 20’s. I received a full on pussy grab from one of my husband’s fraternity brothers only shortly after meeting him in my 30’s. During my divorce, I discovered my narcissist husband had been propositioning and sexually harassing other women for years. There is not a context I can think of in my life that has not involved some kind of male entitlement-based abuse, most of it too banal to mention.

The men who claim that some women lie or are abusive, too, are attempting a false equivalency. Our culture, institutions, structures and gate keepers have protected the reprehensible acts of powerful mostly white men for far too long.

I am watching.

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