What Are You Actually Passionate About?
J. Westenberg

I will see your “passion” regarding this word and raise you one “awesome”, another which has become ridiculous in usage. I always thought it was reserved for true miracles, not shoes or sauce.

Perhaps our problem here is that outsized, hyperbolic praise/ridicule/enthusiasm has become the norm in conversation. But when used with flippant insincerity, any word loses its cache. It becomes hackneyed and useless. A shell of its former self.

The way to keep words fresh is by consciously using them in unique ways. I tried to teach this to my teenage kids by allowing them to curse, but only creatively. If they could weave it into the middle of a word (fanfuckintastic) or invent a new word (fucktard), they got a pass.

As the mom, I got to rule on what counted as creative cursing and it became a game for my son and his buddies. They got to swear and I got them to think about words and how they used them.

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