dexFreight and Ocean Protocol are building the first Web3 marketplace for logistics industry to unlock and monetize data

Co-written by Rajat Rajbhandari, PhD, CIO dexFreight and Dev Pramoth, Product Manager — Marketplaces, Ocean Protocol

By 2025, data is projected to be ¼ of the world’s GDP. A 15 Trillion US$ logistics industry is sitting on top of a vast data reserve unable to unlock and monetize the data. Web 3 movement is gaining traction and the call to be able to control and monetize your data is becoming a new paradigm.

dexFreight and Ocean Protocol are building the first Web3 marketplace to allow logistics companies (freight brokers, shippers, and carriers, and technology providers) to utilize their operational data…

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Let's say you are heating a kettle of water and you accidentally burn your finger. You are likely to shrug it off thinking you got unlucky. But a well thought of product is likely to avoid that scenario. The design of a product gets more attention that the experience. When most people think of product design, aesthetic appeal is the first thing that comes to mind. A well-designed product looks good to the eye and feels good to touch. Another common way is to think from a functional point of view. A good functional product promises to do what it…

Does the bible shed light on what it means to be a good leader today?

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Note: I read the bible because I wanted to be more informed on culture not leadership.

The bible holds a unique perspective of leadership. The biblical day and the current day are strikingly different, yet the leadership qualities and ideas used are comparable. Leadership has evolved throughout human existence to the premises, beliefs and understandings of today’s culture. This essay provokes an insight into how biblical accounts of good leadership shed light on what it means to be a good leader today. The bible identifies various characteristics of good leadership, which are relevant to the exercise of leadership today. The…

The Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review published a study called Reshaping business with artificial intelligence, which is based on a survey supported by 3,000 interviews with executives, managers and analysts from 21 industries in 112 countries. An overall insight determined by the research found that businesses that adopt and understand AI, will invest in analytics expertise and make sure that the quality of algorithms and data will help them grow according to their needs. In this summary, you will be presented with nine essential takeaways from the study.

The very first key insight is related with the…

Since the 70s, there has been no space event which gathered a global audience of that of the Falcon Heavy launch. Not only is Falcon heavy the most powerful rocket, but it also launched by a privately owned company SpaceX. This is important because it opens up new opportunities for investors to find the next SpaceX, which in turn brings more funding for space programs. The space industry has been extremely secretive and regulated by governments, with the launch of a Telsa Roadster into space by a privately owned company, other countries are going to allow for more freedom with…

Market Cap: 751 Billion USD (At the time of writing, 12 March 2018)
Founder: Jeff Bezos

Jezz Bezos wrote in his first annual letter: “Given a 10 percent chance of a hundred times payout, you should take that bet every time.”

Amazon targets its customers on their primary evolutionary instinct. They offer customers a way to gather more by doing less work. Doing less and gaining more in today's world is the best price with the most convenience and that is exactly what Amazon is after. From a customer perspective. it is an irresistible combination.

52% of US household have…

You meet a stranger for the first time. During the interaction should you cooperate or be selfish? For what duration should you continue helping? What should you do when the person tries to exploit you? These are situations we face in our daily life. A simple way to represent this situation is the iterated version of the game of prisoner’s dilemma.

A game of prisoner’s dilemma allows for 4 cases:

  1. mutual gain during cooperation
  2. person A exploiting person B, if only A defects on B
  3. person B exploiting person A, if only B defects on A
  4. little or no gain…

dev pramoth

Product Manager, Berlin. Background in sustainable development, design thinking and engineering. Like to work on tech-related projects to drive social impact.

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