The problem we solve: helping U.S. companies find the perfect match for offshore software development

Dev Shop Advisors
Oct 13, 2018 · 3 min read

Finding an offshore software team is hard. It’s time consuming. It’s new for most people. And how do you know what value you’re going to get?

The process can be challenging and riddled with questions like ‘How do I ensure I can trust this vendor?’, ‘How strong is the communication of the partners and developers?’, ‘What’s the optimal working model?’, ‘How do I pay them?’, ‘Have they worked on successful projects similar to mine?’.

We created Dev Shop Advisors to help solve these problems and simplify the whole process. We’ve worked with many firms around the world, for years. Having been in CTO and tech leadership roles, we’ve searched, interviewed and worked with these companies over the years.

Typical process…

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We aim to reduce complexity, save you time and drastically reduce your risk. Our process…

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We assist you every step of the way and can lead the process to make life simpler. There is a lot of unknowns the first time going into this and we’ll help you through it all, reducing your risk and speeding up your time to market.

Behind the scenes at Dev Shop Advisors

But technology can help, we built a tool called “Dev Shop DB”. We logged every tech services firm aka ‘dev shop’ we could find around the world and started to categorize & rate them based on a wide variety of factors like strength of founders, successful projects worked on, recruiting strategies, quality of website, social following, size, length in business, reviews on popular sites, speciality, etc etc.

Next we focused on meeting with as many as possible. This has brought about some incredible trips around the world, most recently to Eastern Europe: ‘Another great trip to Eastern Europe’.

The service we provide

Our model is very simple, we’re free to you, the hiring company. We charge a small business development fee to our offshore providers, most of whom have been in our program for a while (many we’ve hired directly and worked with ourselves).

We only let in the best of the best and we only make introductions where we feel like there is genuine value and potential on both sides. We’re small and we’re going to stay that way so we can provide the best possible, high touch service.

Dev Shop Advisors is a boutique software outsourcing advisory firm. We help companies connect with a highly curated list of remote software teams around the world. We’re happy to be of assistance, and there is no cost to companies looking to hire. Check out and contact us to schedule an intro call to get your questions answered.

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