Why developers quit jobs? (TOP 4 of the insightful reasons they likely won’t tell you)

Jan 18, 2017 · 3 min read

As an HR-platform for IT-talents, we orally interviewed 2000 + developers during the last year. We were asking them a bunch of questions about their current career, what they would like to change and why. Except for some obvious reasons to leave their current jobs, such as salaries and/or corporate culture, there are some counterintuitive matters.

  1. Too much management work, too little code

What they say: “When I was promoted and got the position of the Team Lead But later it turned out to the growing amount of communication and paperwork and less coding. I feel now, that I’m loosing my development skills. I would rather look for the position where I could write code 90% of my working hours, even for the lower salary.”

Statistics: 25% of interviewed developers (monthly salary >3500 euro NET) said that they are ready to downgrade to the lower position in order to code more and manage less.

Way to solve it: talk to Team Leads about it, help them to delegate and to share their management tasks with other, so they could focus more on coding.

2. Boring projects/old stack

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What they say: “I would consider a lower salary, in case the project is interesting to me. First of all, I mean the opportunity to learn and to use the newest technologies and frameworks and to develop new skills”.

Statistics: 30% of interviewed developers said, that they are eager to learn new technologies and languages in their free time if they will have an opportunity to implement it in their projects.

Way to solve it: motivate them by involving them into decision-making about stack or technologies and give them an opportunity to propose something new, in most of the cases your project will benefit, as well.

3. No positive feedback from users

What they say: “I don’t feel that I’m doing something important. I would like to know that my product is useful for users.”

Statistics: 15% of interviewed developers mentioned, that they are loosing they motivation and feel frustrated about not getting any feedback.

Way to solve it: deliver some feedback to developers. Even if they are working on a complex corporate application, there still are users of this product. Ask them to share their thoughts and thanks to developers’ team.

4. Time-consuming commute

What they say: “I spend 2 hours per day on driving to office and back. I am satisfied with my current position now, but I would rather look for the remote job, in order not to waste 12 hours per week”.

Statistics: 60% of interviewed developers are considering an opportunity of partly or fully remote job.

Way to solve it: why not to offer them an option to work from home 2– 3 days per week?

Have anything to add? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Founded in mid-2015, opened to public in October 2015 and based in Vilnius (Lithuania), Devs.LT is a platform, that uses AI and machine learning-driven technologies to help companies hire their perfect match from the pool of pre-screened IT-talents worldwide.

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