10 reasons why I love working at our not-for-profit digital co-op (with GIFs)

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4 min readFeb 27, 2018


The Developer Society is a totally not-for-profit digital co-op that works only with charities, NGOs and other groups changing the world.

This is what that actually means for all of us here (and what I love about DEV):

1. We’re making a difference. Whether it’s building tech that lets hundreds of thousands of people campaign against inequality, working with leading LGBT activists or helping raising money for lifesaving services for refugees in the Mediterranean, we’re working towards the changes we want to see in the world.

The Mo Chara rescue boat supported by Help Refugees who we work with

2. We’re growing as a team and individually. With our strong relationships and great delivery we’re taking on more projects every year, which lets us take on more technical challenges and develop our skill sets. As part of DEV, if there’s training you need or a conference that will help you improve, we’ll get you there.

3. We are actually cooperative — alongside officially being a co-op and all members having an equal voice in deciding how DEV develops, we ‘work out loud’ (try to keep each other up to date on all the exciting stuff going on) and always have time to solve problems together.

4. DEV cares about you too. Alongside competitive salaries, we have generous and flexible holidays (how many days holiday we took in 2017 was decided by an all team vote!). In case that’s not enough caring, we also have rotating 1:1 meetings with each other to check in on work and personal happiness.

5. We live our values. We’re a proud Living Wage employer which is a moral commitment to all our contractors as well as our staff, we recycle like crazy, and we work hard to create an environment that is supportive for people from every kind of background and all different working and communication styles.

6. Our work is innovative and iterative and we expect everyone on the team to get involved. Whilst we put a lot of research, thought and tech into how we operate, we are constantly trialing and tweaking to better our processes and culture. Everyone is encouraged to start a discussion or vote at any time, on any topic, and we have fortnightly retros to appreciate the good and catch the exceptions.

7. Extra curricular — yep, we’re sharp on more than just tech! On Friday afternoons we practice our various board game skills and keep healthy with the odd bowling or crazy-golf session. We also train our food palates together regularly. Oh and we like LEGO, a lot…and superheroes…and Adventure Time…and, well, you get the idea!

Our Creative Director Paul at work/play

8. DEV can be wherever you are. We have a beautiful new studio that we’ve just moved into (stocked with games and great coffee) but if you can output genius from home, we are flexible with remote working.

Beautiful Fazeley Studios where we’re based

9. Our tech is smart and life changing. We get to use the latest techniques and learn new skills to help NGOs and charities do some amazing things. Doing silky animations to help support life savers is a not a bad way to pay the bills!

We invest a lot in our tech so the computers can handle the emosh

10. We truly believe in a work-life balance. We know a well rested, happy team is going to do the most innovative, creative work and we all support each other to have a full life outside of DEV…and then bring your A-game to work everyday.

The DEV team!
  • Anna Hughes, Front End Developer at The Developer Society, a not-for-profit digital agency, working with NGOs and groups with a progressive mission to help make the world we live in a better place.

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