A Devthon for safer communities in association with the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate

The Cyberabad Security Council, Cyberabad Police Commissionerate along with HYSEA and the Hyderabad Hackers alliance will be jointly hosting the next edition of Devthon at the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate in Hyderabad on November 8–9.

Entrepreneurs, startups, technologists, students, engineers, designers, police officers and citizens will come together to design and prototype innovative solutions that address pressing challenges that are faced in protecting and safeguarding communities.

We’ve also created an open document to gather ideas and challenges to use technology and design to improve safety security in cities.

With the theme dwelling on Women Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Road Safety and Public Transport Safety, a bundle of issues will be highlighted that participants will address through technology, design and co-creation. Police officers and citizens will throw out real world challenges they face and participants can work along with them to bring out proof of concept prototypes.

We are also putting together local site visits on Saturday, November 1st to help participants gather ideas, interview potential customers or users and design solutions for challenges.

An overview of the agenda

Saturday, November 1st
Introduction and Pre-event at the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate 
Tour to Police Commissionerate, IT corridor companies, Police Stations

Participants identify challenges
Meet and pair with others to form teams
Start working and researching more on a challenge

Saturday, November 8th
Pitch an idea based on the challenge
Design and Prototyping begins
Facilitators assist in hurdles and feedback

Sunday, November 9th
Continue building prototypes
Presentation and Showcase
Jury and Interaction

Focussed on pioneering innovations and partnering with law enforcement agencies, the edition will also present an opportunity for the breakthrough ideas to be piloted on field following the weekend.

There are limited slots available. You can register and find more details here. Sign up today!

Originally Posted on October 28, 2014