Dancing Drop: Oscillation of a water drop in an acoustic field

Water and sound are great friends as seen here in this project by two students who have created start patterns using a drop of water and ultrasonic acoustic field.

The way water behaves in an acoustic field is not entirely new, as seen here. It is also known that water can be levitated using an ultrasonic transducer.

In the following project, the drop was flattened into a levitating disc by applying an ultrasonic standing wave of increased field strength.

Star shaped oscillations were created from the flat disc of water drop by modulating the strength of the field so that it matches the resonant frequency of the drop.

The points on the ‘star drop’ are same as the harmonic being matched.

You can find more details about this project under the title ’Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field’ in arXiv.

[via arXiv]

Originally Published on October 27, 2013

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