Resources at Devthon for Metropolis

Two weeks back we announced the Smart Cities Devthon for Metropolis. We’re thrilled to see engineers, urban researchers, designers, architects and citizens respond with brilliant ideas to build a smarter cities, from collecting data about roads to improving waste management.

We’ve another exciting announcement! We are bringing in cool devices for all of you to build your smart city ideas on. Here’s a list of them — ARDrone quadcopter, Leap Motion, iBeacons, Spark Core Kits, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sensors, Electronics, Beaglebone, 3D Printers

Please note that these devices are limited and teams with innovative ideas will be given preference. If you haven’t already registered with your idea, do so right away.

Additionally, to help you better understand the scope and theme, we’ve created a collaboration document which gives details about opportunity areas, resources and example ideas. You can also add comments in the document and list any other additional things that you see is missing out.

Announcing a pre-event this weekend
To help shape your ideas, we’re also having a pre-event this weekend at IIIT Hyderabad where you can interact with like minds and facilitators. Invitations by RSVP only. Click here to RSVP. That’s not all, we will also have facilitators who will help you improve your problem statement and potential solutions.

Hope you have registered for October 4–5, but if you haven’t already, please go ahead. Apply here.

Originally Posted on September 21, 2014

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