Safety Devthon, a place of many opportunities

We’re only 2 days away from the first of its kind edition. And we’re excited to enable the best outcomes. In this edition, you won’t just be working on safety challenges but also get to build a prototype with insights from police officers who work on field.

That got us to list down other opportunities that this edition brings for startups, individuals and bright minds. Here are a few.

Working with pressing real world challenges — In this edition of Devthon, you get to work with police officers and citizens to understand challenges much better. This means that your prototypes are churned much better and they create value for people facing issues which is the beginning point of any great product or a startup.

Facilitators and mentors — We’re bringing well experienced individuals who are product managers, designers and technology experts to help you churn your ideas better. This means your prototype sees a maximum outcome stage even in a less time and that too with experts who will be there for you.

Platform of opportunities — Did you know that in the last edition of Devthon, GHMC gave a starting fund of Rs. 1 Lakh to the top prototype? Another prototype also received funding from a private healthcare investor. Isn’t that cool? Opportunities pile up being part of Devthon and it’s all for you to grab!

Opportunity to Pilot prototype — One of the important takeaway is also that the Commissioner of Police C V Anand and other top police officers will be part of this event during showcase. We’re sure they won’t hesitate to take a successful prototype and to pilot it.

One other thing which we’ve constantly been working on is to enable this platform for co-creation. Typically engineers work with engineers, designers with designers and so on.

But, in this edition you will be working along with police officers as a part of your team!

We’re bringing together diverse individuals — engineers, designers, police officers, citizens and others, not just to address challenges but meet each other and work with each other. Further you can continue to work with them and create the one thing that will change the way people lead lives. Wouldn’t it be great to work with individuals with different expertise and create something awesome?

If you haven’t already, go ahead register as a collaborator or with an idea here.

Originally Posted on November 06, 2014

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