Smart Cities Devthon for Metropolis

We’re excited to announce the Smart Cities IoT Devthon for Metropolis, hosted in association with HYSEA and the Telangana Academy of Skills & Knowledge (TASK) on October 4th & 5th to enable technologies that will pave way to smarter cities for a better living.

The hackathon, with the theme of Smart Cities & IoT, is a platform to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals consisting of engineers, designers, developers, urban researchers, technology architects, data scientists, citizens, the government, and many others. We’ll also have expert facilitators from various fields to assist you with your ideas and the problem statements you’d be working on.

And that’s not all! There’s also a prize money of ₹1,00,000 for innovative solutions!

You can get started with these problems statements:

  • Traffic density based automated lights
  • Detect, notify and alerts of damaged road surfaces
  • Empower citizens with civic and urban support systems using data sets
  • Improving pedestrian safety and enabling a walk-friendly city
  • Helping emergency vehicles avoid traffic to save lives
  • Geo-based road repairs inspection tool

We look forward to seeing you. Go ahead, pick your team/problem statement, apply to participate, meet other bright minds and win big!

Apply here!

Originally Posted on September 1, 2014