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Human to human interaction

What could be more beautiful than creating a sharing experience between people? One that goes beyond a facebook post or group chat or even skype.

What does it mean to really connect people and build empathy? How can one build empathy for others and connect with them when one is alienated from them? (Probably engaged in some kind of smart device.)

I just saw this talk and I felt inspired.

I felt inspired because I saw the potential experience designers have to make this world a better place. Yes I know it sound unrealistic, but what we design shapes human behavior and humans shape the world. How can we design experiences that engage more in the present moment? Meaning how can we design experiences that decrease engagement with the product, but create a lot of value for users.

It seems like an oxymoron, everyone seems to measuring customer engagement, trying to get their customers to spend the most time or the most money with their product. But where does it end? Where do we draw the line and say, there are more important things in their lives, so let’s be a part of their lives but not the primary focus of their lives.

Let’s free people’s time and mind and reduce their cognitive load so they can focus on the only thing I can think that matters, each other.

This may be simplistic, can we really inspire them without blowing their minds? How can people become inspired in a few moments? Let’s find out… what are your ideas? Write them in the comments below.

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