How to Grow Your Local Business With Devumi

We’re already knee-deep in the social media age where everything moves at the speed of bytes and businesses are going digital. These days, classified ads, banners hung outside your shop, and even wining and dining your local reporter to do a write up about your latest product all sound like crazy expensive ideas to scale your business. And let’s face it, who really has 1 Million dollars to get Kim Kardashian to endorse your product? While such marketing strategies still work to a certain extent, the truth is there are now better ways to go about growing your business.

If you’re already aware that the Internet is where you need to be, but have been floundering about because you don’t know how to get started, then you may want to consider Devumi.

But first, before we tell you how we can help…

What Is Social Proof and How Does It Boost Business Growth?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others because they assume it’s the right or safe thing to do. In marketing, this concept can be used to influence potential buyers, retain customers, and boost brand reputation.

Many social proof signals exist, which indicate the credibility of a business or lack thereof. For example, having a large following on Twitter, Facebook, and other similar social sites can make your business appear trustworthy. In fact, when other people follow or like your business’s social media pages, they’re actually endorsing your brand in a way.

In the same way, people who share or like your content and products on social media sites become an ambassador for you. So, when new visitors stop by, they think:

“Hey, this site looks pretty popular. More than 10,000 people have already subscribed. It must be worth following so I’ll do the same.”

This crowd effect can continue to compel new visitors to observe what the fuss is all about when they check out your online profiles.

What’s more, positive social credibility on the web gives your business a competitive advantage over other brands that overlook the importance of social proof.

But the big question for most small businesses looking to make the most out of social media to boost growth is how to get started. And this is where social media marketing companies like Devumi come in.

Harnessing the Power of Social Proof with Devumi

While you may have heard of a few obscure companies suddenly becoming a viral hit online, most of the time people don’t realize the majority of companies don’t luck it out the first time they run a marketing campaign on the Internet. So, by partnering with a firm who has been there and done that, and with a company like us who lives and breathes the social media space (and therefore know how to engineer a campaign that has a higher chance of success), you’re bringing the odds to your favor.

Because Devumi is known for utilizing groundbreaking tactics to increase likes, shares, mentions and engagements on a variety of social media platforms, and with a knowledgeable team behind you every way, you’re going to shortcut your way to marketing success soon enough. Just ask the 100,000 happy customers we’ve served so far — the numbers don’t lie!

For business owners looking to increase their social proof, Devumi can help in the following ways.

1. We Can Help You Boost Twitter Followers, Likes, and Retweets

Devumi offers several marketing services targeted for Twitter users who want to boost their social proof. We can help you increase your popularity by obtaining more Twitter followers too. The packages on offer allow interested business owners to get a minimum of 1000 or more Twitter followers up to a maximum of 1 million. Prices vary depending on the number of followers you’re targeting.

Besides increasing followers, Devumi’s Twitter solutions also include the following services:

  • On Demand Retweets and Likes, where you can boost an important tweet to gain more visibility, make a larger impact and attract a bigger response from users (from acknowledgement to a direct sale).
  • Sponsored Mentions, an Influencer Marketing service that gets popular influencers recommending you to their followers.
  • Auto Engagements, aka Automatic Retweets and Likes, that bring your all of your tweets to life instantly. It helps you gain more exposure and increases social proof.

Having all of these options allows you to create a Twitter campaign that’s tailored to your marketing needs.

2. We Can Help You Increase YouTube and Vimeo Views, Likes, and Comments

With Devumi’s YouTube and Vimeo packages, you can take your video marketing campaign to a whole new level. This first requires creating an amazing video that your audience will actually enjoy watching–the guys over at MakeUseOf can help guide on on the process of making a video that doesn’t suck.

After you make and upload an awesome video, we’ll promote it for you. You can simply order one of our plans to get more Vimeo plays, or YouTube views, likes, and comments on your video. Unlike other companies in the industry, Devumi provides real viewers from genuine sources to actually help your video grow, gain exposure and rank better.

Devumi’s YouTube Video with 47,000+ views:

3. We’ll Help You Expand Pinterest Likes and Repins

For business owners who promote their small business or products on Pinterest, Devumi offers a variety of packages to increase Pinterest followers for your account and Likes & Repins for your Pins. There are different packages depending on the level of exposure you’re targeting, as well as a Sponsored Mentions add-on for additional exposure through influencers.

4. Get More SoundCloud Plays Through Devumi

Devumi’s diverse clientele is not just limited to small business owners but also includes professionals in the music industry. If you’re a musician, artist, part of a band or a music promoter, Devumi can help you reach a wider audience by increasing your Soundcloud plays, likes, reposts and comments on tracks, and up to 100,000 followers on their SoundCloud account. This service is also ideal for business owners who wish to promote their products or grow their brand though podcasts or other audio recordings.

SoundCloud Popular Tracks:

Alongside their main service, Devumi also offers Sponsored Mentions (SM for short) as an Add-On service to get influencers promoting your tracks on Twitter and Facebook. Sponsored Mentions is especially popular with artist as it helps spark buzz on social media for their music and helps build genuine fans out of the exposure.

5. Achieve Increased Visibility on Vine

Vine users will also be glad to know that Devumi offers marketing packages for this specific social media site. Whether you want to get more Vine followers and loops, or increase your Vine likes, comments, and revines, Devumi offers different packages to reach these goals.

Closing Words

Social media marketing companies have been popping up all over the Internet in the past few years and most of them make enticing claims on how they can improve your credibility on social media. However, not all of them can deliver what they promise.

Devumi has been around for a long time and we offer genuine solutions for your marketing needs. You don’t even need to get in touch with us to get started— ordering our marketing service is as easy to giving us your link, placing an order and waiting for results.

Visit to get started now.