Realise: You are all that you need!

In the end it is always our very own problem. Yes, even our love, affection, care, effort for someone or for people special is a problem. Just because I love you or you love me doesn’t give us the right to panic or become paranoid for each other.

It’s been happening with me, I have been concerned for people very close to me and got ignorance and snaps in return. But, that is certainly my problem and I in no way blame them. The other day I asked someone whether he was fine and an hour later when I didn’t get a reply I chose to follow up, which again was obviously a mistake because when he replied to my follow up it was just a snap telling me to not panic. I however still haven’t understood how does one control someone else’s tendency to panic.

What needs to be understood is the fact that we are all self sufficient and we don’t need anyone or anything to keep going in life. All that is needed is the very faith on oneself to deal with all the challenges life tries to throw on our face without any warning or notice.

That’s all, quite literally to be a pro at dealing in, with and around life!

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