Why is India scared of women with opinion?

All the misogynist men (Abhijeet, Sonu Nigam, Paresh Rawal etc) you think demeaning a woman by calling her a sex worker can shut her up? Firstly, Why is it so demeaning for a woman to be a sex worker? Secondly, what’s with this business of always targeting women with opinion? Like you got some itch if she has a mind of her own? Thirdly, what’s the matter with always targeting a set of women with a certain ideology? You don’t agree, and that’s fine. But what’s with this business of stopping down to obnoxious abuses? Does it massage your ego? Example: I called a certain woman a whore, and damn my masculinity has exponentially increased. Is it something like this? Fourthly, you could totally play a better game, by just putting your opinion straight forward and not abusing people. You could also try co – existing with people who have different opinion and belong to the opposite sex; but that’d be too much for you guys. It’s okay, I understand. But how I wish you could understand.

Rest assured, the women who’ve been putting their opinion forward will not bow down to your cheap tactics, they will inspire a million to raise their voice.

May you be blessed one day, just enough to get over your misogynistic and patriarchic thought process.

Love and light :)

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