Another Love Story

At my 28 yo, I feel that emptiness is my absolute friend. Sometimes I feel okay with that, sometimes I don’t. There is a side inside me which desire a free wild life, which I can do whatever and whenever I want to. On the other side, there is a wise voice said, “build your empire, build your big family, and getting settled. Start your romantic relationship, Find your soul-mate so that she could caring you when you’re 66”. Social circle getting narrow and narrower, which makes different gender of friends getting less and less. I kept thinking that thought out loud in my head.

On an after office hours, my buddy chatted me, “Tom, Saturday night free? Beer talks sound fun, huh?”. It is always Doug just being my buddy. He just likes brother from another mother for me. Then at that day which we decided, we met. On a table full of bottle of beers, we put our glass. With a little bit alcohol effect, Doug said to me,

“Tommy, I have a friend. A girl. She’s beautiful. I think you’ll like her”. 
“Is that so?”, I replied. “Do you have any photo of her, Doug?”. 
Doug picked his mobile phone then makes a few touches and swipes in his screen, then he showed me. 
“Hmm.. I think she is quite pretty” 
“Yes, I thought that a dreamer like you just interest in pretty lady”, Doug murmured. 
Doug gives me her number to me, “her name is Margaret, buddy. Tell her I gave her number to you”. Afterwards, we spent the night with loud laughs and nostalgic stories.

I skipped Sunday as usual. I just did nothing but unproductive acts of laziness. Soon, day turns to Monday. Whole day, I just did my dull-routine-work-activities until afternoon came. Went home by city train then cook for myself in my own house and have a dinner by myself. I used to be an independent (re: lonely) man. It is 8 pm when I look it at my phone screen. Suddenly I remember Margaret, a friend of Doug whom numbers has given to me. I checked her number and doing nothing for a while. I checked and tapping my fingers on my phone over and over again. I know I’ve already interested on her and need to start a conversation, but I need to plan it carefully. After encouraging myself, finally I start to type “Hello, is this Margaret? My name is Tommy, I am a friend of Doug”. After that I feel that this is a miserable way to start a conversation with a woman. Now I look my screen, it shows that it’s already 10 pm and this Margaret hasn’t replied my message until I got sleepy then my eyes decided to sleep, whether my mind doesn’t want to.

On the next day, this woman hasn’t replied my message when I finally arrive at my office. “Hey Tom, I have submitted last month report on your desk locker, Check it out”, said Loopy, my co-worker. “Okay, thanks Loop. I’ll check it soon”. There goes my routine life again until the sun goes down to save my life from boredom. As usual, I go home by city train. On my way back home, my phone rang. And a chat notification popped-up. It’s from Margaret! 
“Hey, yes it’s me! Look, a friend of an idle man, Doug has greeted me! Hahaha.. Halo Tom, nice to know you”, spontaneously my lips smile widely. 
“This girl is different”, my thought said. Afterwards I kept chatting with her until I put my bag to my bedroom floor. I don’t have any intention to cook because I’m not a multi-tasking person, who can cook and chatting with interesting woman across my phone on the same time. While I ordering and finally eat my dinner at my near-house cafe, I kept chatting with her. I think this “introduction phase” goes well for both of us.

During these 2 days, I get her beautiful personality impression. She’s kinda humorous, sincere, fun, and cute. Plus her pictures in her social media accounts are quite beautiful. Finally after I said to myself “Carpe Diem!” 5 times in my mind, I encourage myself to ask her out on Saturday. And… There it goes, she want to go out with me!

“Hmm.. I’m not consider it as a dating dinner because it is you, Tommy, who ask me. But meet you in a person sounds exciting”, she replied.

It is always a great feeling when you succeed to make a woman say yes to your dinner proposal. It also a great satisfaction when you get positive feedback from her, it makes you smile all day from your eyes open, ‘till its close again, a whole day.

Soon, the day has come. It is Saturday evening. Tonight will gonna be a good night for me, and I hope for Margaret too. I choose a quite cozy exclusive ibiza cafe for us. We both go by ourself, because I haven’t know where she lived. Finally the time has come, our appointment time is at 7 pm. I already there at 6.15 to claim my reserved table. Waiting for her, I go to the toilet just to see how I look in the mirror, again and again. 6:58, I look at my watch and I decided to not gonna leave this table until she come. I kept looking at my watch like this woman will pop-up from my tinny watch.

The time finally bring her come. I see a woman with dark blue dress, it cuts on her fine-shaped shoulder. There’s no outfit which can perfectly-fit with her like it is. Her hair is curl tip blowed. This woman is just WOW-ed me! She looks everywhere to find a person she looking for. I calmly stand up, hope she can looks me. With a little waving-hand move, finally she open her “O” mouth and jumped her eyebrow, she come to me.

“Hey! Tommy right?”, She ask me.
 “Hello, yess! you must be Margaret?”, I repplied
 “Yess I am, so this is a Doug ‘Douchebag’ Martin’s friend?”
 “Hahaha! Yes, unfortunately I am. Sit down please”, with a warm gesture I please her.
 “Oh yes, thank you”

Afterwards, she sit on a chair in front of me. Put her bag on her lap and tidy up her dress. Her eyes confront towards mine, and it seems that both of us enjoy that moment of silence. I give her a polite compliment, “Wow, you’re so beautiful Margaret”, a little smile rise from her lips. A waitress come and give us a menu book and ask her to choose cuisine and beverages. I chose tenderloin steak while she chose Swedish steak, but both of us chose Wine as our beverage. While we wait our orders delivered to us, we kept chit-chat. I ask for her background, either does she. Eventhough after our orders came and we enjoying them, we still talking about ourself. I got an impression that this woman across me is really-really-interesting. After there’s no food on our tables, we still laugh and share our warmness. It is 10 o’clock when we decided to end our togetherness. I pay all the bill even though she offer her contribution. I offer her a ride her home, she politely refuse because she already bring her car by herself. So I walk her to her car on the parking lot. We say goodbye to each other.

“Thank you Margaret for this wonderful time!”
 “No, I’m the one who must said that word”
 “Hahaha.. Okay, take care then”
 “Bye Tom, I’ll chat you later”

I’m really happy for time we spent together. But it seems that Margaret farewell word turns to be her last word, “Bye Tom, I’ll chat you later”. 
Today is Wednesday, it has been 4 days after our dinner. Still there’s no contact from her. I don’t start chat her too because I want to know how strong her intention to meet me again. My days went empty again. “Welcome to reality dude”, said a voice in my head.

Time keeps rolling, while my mind still floating around space. Today is Friday, a so-so dull routine day has spent. It’s time to go home. As usual, I walk to city station. It just 5–7 minutes walk from my office to city station. I tap my route cards to tap machine and go to railroad platform, waiting train which goes to Carepeun, a nearest station from my home.

After waiting around 10 minutes, finally this train came. I came in and sit on the nearest chair from entry door. While I look around I found a face whom I identified. It is Margaret! And shortly, Margaret looks towards me too. She’s showed a surprised face expression, either do I. Our distance is around 9 feet apart so we cannot shout to each other because it can disturb other passengers. We just enthusiastically waving hand and show our excited face to each other. When we arrive at the first-stop-station, a passanger besides me go down, left a chair beside me empty. Margaret see that, then eventually she moves next to me.

“Hello Tommy!”
 “Hi! How are you?”
 “Of course I’m fine Tom. Tom.. emm.. I’m so sorry that I haven’t chat or call you untill this seconds. I didn’t meant to. But this week is so hectic. There are so manny projects, which I must finished soon”
 “No-no-no, Margaret. It is fine. It is me too who haven’t chat you. Me too, have a lot of work to do. I’m sorry too”, I made a fake reasoning. 
 “Tom, will you walk me home?”
 “Of course, no problem. Where is your home?”
 “At Fukuyashi, I go down at Carepeun Station”
 “What a coincidence! I go down at Carepeun too”, I’ve surprised.
 “Wow, where is your home then?”
 “My home is at Iyusami District 9”
 “It just 3 blocks from my home”, she said.

Then we continue our chit-chat while the train keep moving through 7 stations, after both of us finally go down at Carepeun.

It is 7.28 o’clock afternoon while we walk out from Carepeun. “I’ll walk you home, but I haven’t know Fukuyashi, just guide me, okay?”, I said. “Hahaha.. take it easy Tom, it is not complex enough like your district, follow me”, while she talk I saw moonlight shinning on her smiles. We talk while we walking. After 15 minutes walking, we arrive at a brown old-fashioned house. “That’s my home”, she said,

“Come in Tom”. 
“No-no-no it’s allright, I will continue walking to my home” I repplied.
“Hey don’t be so stiff like that, you need to take a seat or drink something before you leave. 
That’s my request”, she force me.
 “Okay then, I confirm your invitation. Thank you”
 “Awesome!”, she shouted. “Come on in then”

“Is there anybody live here? Family?”, I’m looking around and follow Margaret walk inside her house.
 “Nope, I live by myself here”, she answered. “Come on, you can sit here first”
 She ask me to sit while she open her refrigerator, pick a bottle of clear-yellow-water and open it. Pour it in a glass and hand over me.
 “Thank you”, I said. I drank that water. It refresh my throat but it has well-sweet taste and give me warm sensation. From that aftertaste, I know for sure that it is Champagne. An old-fine-Champagne. Margaret, she drank it too.

We tell some story and share some laugh along with some glass of Champagne. We order fast-food for our dinner. It is 10.15 when I look at my watch, then I think it’s late enough for a guest to say goodbye.
 “It’s already 10.15 pm, Margaret. It’s time to say goodbye”, I said.
 “No-no-no, that’s why you don’t go home this late. It’s not safe. You can stay tonight. I have a available room, next to mine”
 “No Margaret, it’ll be fine. I don’t want make any difficulties for you”
 “Don’t be so clumsy Tom, it’s fine. Tommorow is Saturday though. Come on, it’s my request”
 “Okay then, but…”
 “It’s okay Tom. Come on follow me. I will guide you to your room”, She said. When I look at her face, it’s became red. It seems that alcohol starts to works through her vessel.

She ask me to follow her, “your room is at 2nd floor, next to mine”, she said. I nodded and follow her. When she walk towards upstairs I saw her back body is really fit. It’s just fit like there’s no other body that fit on her like this one. I saw his back neck, it’s so beautiful. Her skin is so pure, that makes me “cry”. When she once turn her head back, I saw her beauty face. For me, that really affirm her beauty.

She stop in front of a closed door. She open it, while she look at me through my eyes, “This is your room, Tom”. I sneak inside to see. It is plain-painted orderly standard room. There is one big bed and a big window pass on moonlight from outside.

“You can put your bag and belongings on that table, Tom”, she point toward a table across the bed. I put my belongings there and I look at her. She just stand in front of the door. She shows her pretty smile and melancholy eyes to me. She step toward me calmly, then stop. I see her move and a power I couldn’t identified force me to step toward her too. There is a voice inside my head which said, “I want this girl! I want this girl!”

Then we just half feet apart, I smell her calm fragrance. That power ask me to round my hand around her neck and waist. Afterward she open her lips and look at me. I move my lips to her, and that was just happen. We are kissing and blow our breath intensely. Her lips are sweet and smooth, it tastes like strawberry powder. He lift her thigh and round in my belly. I lift her body while still kissing and bring her to bed. I sit calmly while carrying her, and lay down my body. She dance on top while I grab her ripe breast. She guide me to undress her. From top to down. From outside to the very inside. She keep dancing while moonlight shine on her. We both moon-bathing naked. Oh my gosh, her body is just.. Perfect! Her mouth half opened often, while she dancing. We sharing sweat, we sharing breath, we sharing moan. Until we faint powerless. We kissing again and again until we finally fall asleep.

On the next day, it is 8 am while Margaret wake up. She look Tom, he still peacefully sleep. She slowly rise her body and cover Tom’s body with blanket. She smile at him, while he looks like answered with his calm smile. She walks downstairs, pour water to a glass and sit in her living room. She said to herself “love is weird, with exactly same person you just don’t like them in some occasion, the other times you’re crazy in love with them. And you can love a person, even though you’re already in love with another one”
 Then a beep-beep sound rings from her phone, she answered it and there is a man talk across her phone, she said to him “Okay Darling, I’ll be there in 1 hours”. She take a bath, dress-up and leave Tommy sleeping in her own house.

Tangerang, 29 January 2016