Why You Still Doing That Conventional Thing?

Pixelate “The Starry Night” (Vincent Van Gogh) by Jaebum Joo

On the ordinary day in my ordinary life, My extraordinary friend asked me:

“In this fancy millennial era, when every design created by digital software, why would you still do such conventional thing like a brush painting?”

And my imagination flew wildly. I considered myself as a imaginationist (actually, what’s really this word means), not a religionist (and this one too).

What really God’s thought when the entire world is still a blank white canvas? What made him (/her) landed his brush and made a first scratch? As he kept on going until the present finally formed.

When our life is a blank white canvas, what kind of image will we draw in that canvas. Is it contemporary, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism, western style, eastern style, or abstract style? Would it be pricey-highly-valuable or worthless based on curator (re: others) appraisal? Or it will be personally satisfy you, when you look (re: re-call every memories) at that image?

And my imagination landed back, right on my head at the present time. Then I answered:

Nothing, I just wanted to. It balances my dull routine life.

Tangerang, 13 November 2015

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